Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Alot of tracting

I don't have a lot of time.
We went to the temple today as a district, minus the APs, and then we couldn’t find a computer to type on four a couple minutes.  And the temple oh my gosh!  I was sick the entire session, and so it was naturally the longest session yet.  My stomach hurt so bad!  I folded my arms and was really tense, so the temple worker thought I was cold.  It was only us missionaries in the session, so they had to bring temple workers to be the main couple and the prayer.  So that was interesting.
This week was hard.  Alot of tracting (100 contacts exactly!)  But Monday was so good!  District meeting was AMAZING!  The other sisters were late, so while waiting Elder Gates went to the piano and started dinking around.  He played the first couple notes of "River Flows in You."  And I was like, "That's one of my favorite songs!  My sister plays that one!"  So he played it, and it was sooooo good!  He also played a little bit of "Only Hope."  So that really reminded me of Saydi.  I got a letter from her yesterday, which was AMAZING!  But I won't have time to write to her today ;()
But then we stopped by one of our investigators.  We'd only taught her once, and we weren't sure she was really interested.  Every time we went over there she was gone.  But this time she was there!  She only had 10 min. so we taught her about prayer.  Then we gave away a BOM to a baptist lady.  Wasn't interested, but said she’d read.  I don't remember what happened next...oh we ran into one of our earlier contacts from a couple weeks ago, and she was going through a hard time.  Her boyfriend of three years just left her, turns out he'd been cheating on her that long too.  So we gave her the faith in Christ DVD.  That's a good movie.  We'll stop by some other time too.

That night we had an appointment with Kimberly, and we took Sister Caroll with us.  She and her husband live right by Kimberly.  But of course Kimberly wasn't home.  So we tracted.  Got someone interested in the BOM, and some return appointments.  We had one guy stand in his doorway (it was a u-shaped appt. complex) and watch us.  So that was creepy.  But there were a lot of people around, so we weren't too worried.  But then that night Sister Caroll came with us to another appointment.  No one answered the door for awhile, but finally Jessica did.  We had 15 minutes to teach her.  And we taught about prayer.  It was cool because she's Latino, and Sister Caroll served in El Salvador.  So she spoke Spanish with Jessica for a bit.  And plus Sister Caroll is an awesome teacher and really added to the lesson.  That was just a really good day.
Still no one showed up to church.  We can't get ahold of Tony.  It's frustrating because on Sunday we went there after church to see why he didn't come, and we could hear him playing with his boy inside, but he didn't answer the door!  That happened another time too.  And he's not returning our calls!  SO FRUSTRATING! 
Yesterday was hard.  And my back has been killing me.  Like it's never hurt this bad for this long.  Alot of the time it's like hot needles poking me in my back.  It's frustrating because there's nothing I can do about it.  I've learned to drive with my right arm (it's my left that's killing me) and to carry my scriptures and stuff in the crook of right arm.  But by noon my back hurts!  Expect for today...until right now.  So if you have any suggestions, like exercises, or things I can eat.
Okay, well sorry to end on a not-so-good note, but I gotta go!
Love you, sorry it's short.
Love, Sister Ostler

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Like A Fire It Spread

Hi family,
Okay, so I wrote some stuff down that I need. 
1. My beanie.  I think it's in one of my drawers.  It's black with a purple rim thingy.  Yeah, I'd like that for running in the morning, and maybe sleeping.  Our apartment is FREEZING!  I was wrapped up in a blanket this morning.  For some reason the temperature won't go past 60.  I even tried turning it to 80ish this morning, just to see if it would get to 70.  Highly doubt it will.  Yeah, our apartment isn't the best.  Good thing we're never in it! 
2. Listerine strips!  I'd buy them, except I can't find them here, which is weird, cuz everyone and their dog smokes here.
3. The Psychology department's address.  (the one at BYUI.)  You'll prolly be able to find it on the website.
4. The Dance Classes address.  You know, to send them a post card.
5. Cookie dough recipe.  Remember the c.c. cookies I made that everyone liked?  That one.  It says, "The best Darling Cookies."  If you can't find it then contact Rachel Darling.  You can find her on Facebook, or under the student directory on the BYUI website.  Just say I was dumb and lost the "Best Darling Cookie recipe!"  I need to make them for Sister Chen!
And that's it.

So on my plaque I want "The Sandard of Truth."  As stated by Joseph Smith.  You'll probably be able to find it on line or something, but just in case I'll include it in here.

"The Standard of Truth has been erected, no unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing; persecutions my rage, mobs may combine, armies my assemble, calumny my defame, but  the truth of God will go forth boldly, nobly, and independent, til it has penetrated every continent, visited every clime, swept every country, and sounded in every ear, til the purposes of God shall be accomplished, and the Great Jehovah shall say the work is done."

Yeah, pretty much one of my favorite quotes.  It should be scripture.  It could be considered as such, seeing as Joseph Smith said it.

Mom, I did get your long letter with the two talks.  I read some of it last night til bed, then finished it this morning.  Thanks for the talks!  How did you know that I was studying Faith right now?  And my next topic to study is the Holy Ghost?  Mommy powers or something.  And I just skimmed through your letter dad, seeing as how I got it right before I got to the library where we e-mail.  It's right down the road from our place.  Not even a mile.  And dad, you can use my Wheaton address, not the mission home address.

And that's awesome that someone found my camera!  I guess I did loose it, and no one stole it.  After downloading the pictures to my computer you can give it away, or to one of the boys.  I like this camera.  And which setting is it supposed to be on?  You know the little dial on top?  Yeah, I have no idea!  And I don't have a manual.  DON'T SEND ONE THOUGH! I'll loose it, or through it away.  Just TELL me!  I hate reading manuals!

Okay, so this week.  Kelsey hasn't called us back for 2ish weeks now...make that 3.  We've tried to get ahold of her, but can't.  So we haven't called her for a couple days.  We're going to try soon though.  Something is holding her back.  Probably those, those catholic priests.  My goal is baptize an ACTIVE catholic.  Or just a Catholic.  Sister Doll was a Catholic, and now she's one awesome Mormon!  You should have heard her give a talk in stake conference!  So funny, but so spiritual and uplifting.

But we have an investigator, Tony.  At first he didn't seem interested, but after I said, "Can we simply talk to you for 15 minutes?"  He let us!  We taught him the first lesson....maybe I already told you this, I think  I did.  But he's reading the book of Mormon, and he believes it's true, but he doesn't know if Man wrote it or God wrote it.  Both right?  Man through God.  And there's a lot going on in his life right now that's stressful.  Tonight we're going to teach him, and hopefully his wife will be there, how the gospel bless families.  A couple, the Whittingtons?  (Aunt Julie knows the mom.  And they fed us dinner the other night.  She LOVES Ben!  Oh Ben, I love that kid!)  Well anyways, they're coming too.  So Sister Chen and I are going to ask them to bare their testimony of how the gospel has blessed their family, and I'm going to share how daily scripture reading and praying as a family has strengthened us and brought us closer together, and how when founded upon Christ's gospel our families can grow closer together.  I think we're also going to share the proclamation to he world.  I might sing it for them, or not ;).  Sister Chen is the only member in her family, so she's going to share a scripture with them.  Yeah, she is AMAZING!  She knows her scriptures!  You should see them.  She'll get sticky notes and write a Mandarin translation for a verse or two so she can better understand them.  When we're in a lesson she'll turn to a scripture that I didn't even know was there.  It's amazing!

And don't worry Dad, we have fun tracting.  We always make up stuff we're going to say.  Like people will open the door and say, "Can I help you?"  And we want to say back to them, "Yeah, can you give us 15 minutes of your time?"  OR something like that.  But anyways.  We have a lot of hope for Tony.  And hopefully his wife will join us too, and they can be a forever family!

Then there's Debra.  Oh Debra!  Her illness is holding her back.  But she's seen miracles through the priesthood!  She's been investigating for so long, and Sister Chen and I both feel that it's time for her to get baptized.  Hopefully on the 30th, hopefully on the 30th.  Unlike Elder Ostler, our investigators have to come to church THREE times, not two.  And church and coffee are what's holding her back.
Oh, so we had a cop stop us yesterday.  We were walking on Hickory street in Lombard tracting (shocker) and a cop drove past us slowly.  We waved at him.  He stopped, back up and asked to talk to us.  He asked what we were doing, and Sister Chen said enthusiastically, "We're sharing the gospel!"  "Oh, okay," he said, then drove off.  Except he only drove about 10 feet, and parked his car.  We don't know if someone called him, or he was just driving through the area.  So that was fun!

Oh, and the other day, Saturday we tracted for about 4 hours, because no one likes to schedule appointments with the missionaries that day!  And we were making jokes that our next appointment was with Sister Massage.  (You know like get a back massage.  I don't know how to spell that).  She was carrying a backpack, and I, well, my back pains are back, and I don't know how to get rid of them.  I need Kristi again!  Honestly, out of everything I have ever tried Positional Release is the only thing that works on my back.  I mean the last time I had it done was beginning of sept, and my back is only now starting to hurt.  Well it would hurt before, but always go away, and it wouldn't be very bad.  But now it's so painful sometimes.  I think it has to do with me not realizing I'm not relaxing my shoulders, and I think driving plays a big part in it.  And No, I still don't know all the streets.  Our area is HUGE!  We cover Wheaton Ward, which alone covers 4 towns, and Naper 6 ward, which covers 3ish towns.  We have parts of Napervilee, and half of Aurora.  We travel about 30 miles each day.
But last night I took a hot bath to try to relax my muscles.  I think every missionary deserves a bath once in a while.  It reminded me of the time when at the end of the semester me, Danielle, Chris, and Torry went to Lava Hot Springs.  Oh man, I remember that I felt so relaxed after that.  I don't think my body has ever been that relaxed physically.  Mentally I was going wild cuz I still had to clean and move all my stuff to 102, within about 12 hours. Fun stuff.

Oh, and I"d send you pictures, but I don't have a cord that hooks up the computer and camera.  So I"ll print some out today and send them to you.  I'm planning on sending home my card at the end of every transfer.  Oh, and Sister Chen LOVES the song "I Will" by Hilary Weeks.  She really likes Hilary Weeks, and music.  So maybe if you have time you could make her a Hillary Weeks CD.  I think she'd really like that.  And she doesn't get tired of listening to the same CD over and over again.  She also likes Elder Vances song "the Proclamation."  I personally love "The Rising."  Oh man, Joseph Smith gives me so much strength.  And it's kind of like day after day.  Persecutions, "No thank yous."  "Take your God somewhere else" (we had that one on Saturday) people not opening their doors cuz they don't want to talk to us.  Yeah, but "Like the Spirit of God, Like a fire it [will] spread."  As Joseph Smith said, "No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing."

I just have to keep reminding myself everyday that the Lord is on my side.  And follow all the rules.  Which is hard sometimes.  I want to sleep in so bad every single day.  But I don't.  Although sometimes I don't hear my alarm.  Or one morning. well I had been sleeping poorly the whole night.  I kept waking up and going back to sleep.  So when my alarm went off I woke up, turned it off, and went back to sleep like I had been doing for the past couple hours.  I only woke up when I heard Sister Chen come out of the bathroom.  But we work hard all day, and then at night.  Oh, about 8:30ish is when I start thinking of bed.

Thanks for the info on the church here.  But could you also tell me the general religious history.  Not just Mormons.  Okay time is up.

Love you lots.  Thanks for your prayers.
Sister Ostler

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"I Don't Know Why You Say Good-bye, I Say Hello"

Hey family,
So yeah, it was kinda funny.  I started singing that song on Thursday, I think.  Well we were knocking doors (my favorite thing in the world NOT!) and a lady opened the door.  We said our friendly "Hello!!!"  She smiled, saw who we were and quickly closed the door with a "Goodbye."  So as we were leaving I was singing this Beatles song, and Sister Chen was laughing at me.  But this phrase has been the story of my week!

The members here are nice, but they're just so dang comfortable with their lives that they don't want to branch out and help other people come to this awesome knowledge that we have!  So we've been finding people on our own.  We went to visit this one lady (a member) randomly but she wasn't home.  So we went to her neighbors.  She was a religious lady (Monica) and she started to talk to us about where her dad was (who had died).  We talked to her about the plan of salvation.  She seemed to know a lot of it, or else didn't exactly get what we were telling her.  She didn't seem to bright, because for some reason she kept referring to the Jehovah Witnesses and how it was so weird that they didn't celebrate holidays.  She got out a sheet of paper that explained why.  Or she kept saying "When I was a Catholic they never taught that King Herod sent the wise men to find out where Jesus was so he could kill them, but God told the wise men not to go back to King Herod.  They never taught us that."  And I was thinking, "1) what does that have to do with the Plan of salvation and 2) is that important, as in does that pertain to your salvation to know this information?"  Yeah, she was interesting.  But we gave her a Book of Mormon and told her to read and pray.  We came back a few days later.  She couldn't grasp the fact that Joseph Smith was prophet, and we have a  prophet here on this earth.  We asked what a prophet was for.

"To direct this people,"  she said.
"So do you believe that God could send another prophet here to His people?"
"Well yeah."Then we said "He has, and that's Joseph Smith!  Our prophet today, who has the same power that was given to Joseph Smith is Thomas S. Monson...."  yadayadayada.  But no, she couldn't accept the Book of Mormon or Joseph Smith.  We told her to keep the BOM and keep reading and praying about it.

I find that alot of people can't accept the BOM.  Most have been raised catholic.  Oh, could you find out the religious history of this ares...if you have time.  I'd be interested to know.  We cover Wheaton, Villa Park, Lombard, Glen Elyn, Aurora, and Warrenville.  Cuz there are so many people who are deep set in their religion.  We did meet a 94 yr old woman who's an atheist, and quite happy with what she believes in, or doesn't believe in.  I found that so sad.  How could you go about life not believing in God?  That kills me!

So you'll get a kick about what happened yesterday...well I did.  I find that almost everyday my testimony is questioned by someone or another.  Like on Sunday we started talking to a man who was a "Catholic," but didn't go to church because he didn't see a point.  I started to say, "Well, we believe..."  and he said, "I don't care what you believe!  So just go!"  Yeah, that was hard.  He totally bashed my testimony

But yesterday this lady a little older than me came outside to talk to us, and she was soooooo deep into her religion.  She believed the Godhead was one in person.  That Christ/God was a spirit before he came here, but he was also God, then he came into mans form, and I forgot where the H.G. fit in.  She asked us how we knew the BOM was true, along with JS and our belief in God.

"We've prayed about it, and I personally have felt that it is true."
"So you're basing your belief off you're feelings?"
"Yes."  Was a simple answer I could giver her.
Then she said, "I urge you, I plead with you to keep searching!  There are scholars out there who have written books on the bible, and get another version than the flowery language of the King James version!"
She really thought we were so totally wrong.  It was sad.  But we talked with her for about 15 min.  And it's funny because when Sister Chen used the scripture about when Christ was baptized, and the Father bore record of Him, and the H.G. was there, she completely disregarded it, and went to another scripture where it says that Christ came down to be a servant and thought Himself equal with God.  I completely understood what that scripture meant.  That He was a God, but He descended below all things to come down and serve and die for mankind.  But she totally misinterpreted the scripture.

Anyways, so then the next door was a 80 yr old man.  He came out to discuss religion with us.  He taught Sunday School somewhere.  But oh man, he doesn't know how to read the bible.  He was convinced that we didn't have to have works to get into Heaven.  He thought all we had to do was say, "I have faith in Jesus, and He came down here to die for me and take away my sins."  He also said that when we enter the gates of heaven, to get in you have to say, "I am clothed with the robes of righteousness."  He kept quoting a scripture that says something like, "Your works won't get you into heaven, only your faith.  It doesn't matter that I give to charity, or teach religion.  It's only my faith."  He said.

HE'S MISSING SO MUCH!  First of all Faith is a VERB!!!!  "Faith without works is DEAD!!!"  You must ACT on your faith!  Alma and Amuleck didn't see the fruit of their labors til they acted on their faith, neither did Ammon and his brothers.

I came home that night and realized, I a 21 yr old girl who most likely haven't done the scripture study and research that these two have done, am more knowledgeable about the scriptures and the ways of God because I have the Spirit, and I listen to the prophet who happens to have the power to interpret scriptures and such.  It shows how important the Holy Spirit is in our lives.  Even sister Chen, who's only been a member for 8ish years, and has only read through the English BOM once, and just parts of the Bible knows more than them.  And it's because she has the spirit.  We can learn so much on our own with the spirit as our study buddy!

Okay, so then we're tracting in this not-so-wealthy place.  Mostly Hispanics.  And we get to one house.  A lady opens the door. 
"What do you want?"  she practically yells at us.
"Hi, how're you?"  I say all happy like.
"What do you WANT?!!!!"
"We're missionaries from th...."
"Oh yeah,  well get out of here!"  (I think she said something more rude, but I can't remember."
"Well you have a good day!"  I almost said that sarcastically, but didn't.
"Yeah, go to Hell!"  She yelled, then SLAMMED the door.  No one has ever SLAMMED the door on us.  I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.  So I took Elder Wirthlin's advice and laughed.  Sister Chen and I thought it was funny.  But as the scriptures say, "She'll have her reward dun, dun, dun!"  Well it doesn't say "dun, dun, dun"...that was from the 'Sister Ostler' version.

But my Spanish is improving.  It was so cool.  Cuz yesterday we ran tracted into a lady who spoke un poco Ingles.  So I gave her Spanish pass along card, and explained to her what it was.  I asked, In English, if she wanted Spanish missionaries to come over.  She nodded her head.  So I had to get her name and phone number.  And just like that I knew how to ask for her name and phone number.  I had learned it in my Spanish classes, but I haven't used them since.  But there have been times, when Spanish words that I've learned and haven't used for years come back so I can better communicate with Spanish people.  But I still don't know how to say "free."  Like as in "The book is free."  It's funny, cuz sometimes Sister Chen starts to talk to them, but they can't understand a WORD!  She's just so excited about the gospel!

At our Zone meeting on Monday President and Sister Doll taught us how to teach a powerful 15 min lesson one.  They said that if we promised/convinced the people to let us in for 15 min. we could teach them and help them feel the spirit.  So Sister Chen and I have been trying this, with no luck.  But yesterday we tracted into this guy and at first he said he had found God and didn't need us.  He was very polite.  But I said,
"Can we just share our message with you for 15 min."

So he let us come sit on his back porch.  Come to find out he was raise Catholic (shocker).  But hadn't had good experiences with the religion.  He was a little older than me.  Maybe late 20s.  But he had set out on his own to kind of find out who God was, and some of the great questions we have in this life.  "There's something going on that humans aren't aware of," he kept saying.
"You mean like the Plan of Salvation?" I wanted to say.  But we taught lesson one.  He's scared though.  He's afraid people use religion in the wrong way.  And they do, but I assured that we as latter-day saints don't.  He said he'd read the BOM and pray.  We ended with a kneeling prayer, and HE OFFERED IT!!!  I was excited.  Cuz that's what President Doll told us that we needed to do.  We have another appointment with him tomorrow I think.  I just know this gospel can help him so much find the answers he's looking for.  He just has to let go of his fear.

Also we hopefully have a baptism at the end of the month!
Oh my gosh!  Elder Gong!  He spoke in General Conference and he came to our stake conference!  The missionaries, their investigators and recent converts got to have a special meeting with him beforehand.  Oh it was awesome!  He let a lot of the investigators and RC's share their testimonies, and he helped a man who'd been investigating the church for years realize that he already had such a strong testimony.  Our investigator, Debra, really liked it.  And Elder Gong is hilarious!  I love him, and we got to shake his hand.  Debra really liked Stake Conference, so that's really good.  Cuz it's hard to get her to come to church.  So that was the highlight of my week.  And after that, and Zone conference on Monday, my week go so much better.  The end of last week was so hard and disappointing/discouraging with 'no' after 'no' after 'not interested' after 'best of luck!"  I wondered if we were ever going to get into a door.  And even when we did teach a lesson it never seemed to make an impression them.  So yeah, those two things combined made me realize that I can do this.  Yes, it's hard, but heck, it's awesome!

We got to go the temple today.  It's beautiful, but the ordinance room is SMALL!  So is the Celestial room.  And we went out ot eat at this really good bread place, Panera Bread.  SOOOOOOO good!  Chicago has REALLY good food.  Just bad Pizza.  Okay, well time's up!  Love you all!  And yes, I did get your package.  Thanks so much!!!  I loved it.  And its 9W.  And the belts came today.

Tell Ben Ostler to write me!  And I met Aunt Julies roommate!

Love you!
Sister Ostler
But yeah, the end of last week was hard.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We got a return appointment!

Dear family,
Yes, I'm alive!  And shorter e-mails would be better from you, if you want longer ones from me.  In one hour I have to send my report to the president, read my other emails from him and the mission secretaries, read your emails and email you.  Plus I LOVE getting mail!  Especially pictures!  When are you going to send me that picture book mom?  You know the one you bought but never filled with pictures?  Jackson has one.  What, is he better than me or something? But before I answer your questions I made of list of stuff that would be helpful to me. 

First I need my contacts.  And also we can play Cd's in our car, but we only have one CD with 11 songs on it, and they are good, but getting SOOOOOOOO old!  So if you could make one from my iTunes, or even have Saydi make one from hers and send it to me, that would be wonderful!  I do kind of want one with just hymns on it though.  Sister Chen and I both like the song I Believe in Christ a lot, so you could put that one on one.

And yes, I did get the coat.  Sister Chen and I had fun taking pictures of me in it.  Really mom, do you realize how long that coat is?  And was the belt in the same package?  Because I didn't see it.  I"ll look when I get home. 
Yeah, but I love letters.

So Sister Chen is awesome.  She's taught me a lot about faith and having faith in Christ.  Sometimes she can't understand what is being said in a lesson, so she relies on the Holy Ghost to know what to say.  The first couple of days were rough with trying to understand what she was saying, and I got frustrated.  But now that I've been around her enough I can understand her, most of the time.  Although I don't think she understands what I'm saying a lot.  It's kind of funny.  So I just go along and figure it out eventually.  Because she can't speak 100% english (you should hear her mix up her verbs) I've had to learn to take part in the lessons.  I don't just share a scripture like most greenies do.  I actually teach.  And now in tracting I take every other contact.  At the beginning I HATED tracting!  It's spiritually draining.  Well that's what Sister Leahman said (I went on splits wit her).  And yeah, it is.  Because people are telling you they don't want this awesome, better-than-Maui gift!  We had one lady open the door, say "No Thank you" then close it before we got a word out.  One guy told us that he thought religion was a magical fantasy that people had to help them out in this life.  Yeah, it does help us, but it's not magical.

The areas I'm in aren't dangerous though.  There's a lot of people everywhere, and I'm only afraid at night.  Like a few days ago we stopped at an investigators house, and let me tell you, Illinois doesn't believe in street lights.  There's this road, Butterfield, and it's a 50 mph road, and there is not one street light on it!  And there's thick trees surrounding it!  Somethings wrong with that.  So anyways we go up to Debra's house, and it's dark, but we have to go around back.  So pretty much everything is dark, and I get so nervous.  Like it's scarier than feeding my bunnies.  I don't know if it was just because I'm scared of the dark, or it was the spirit.  But she wasn't home, so we went to go see if a part member family was home, and all I was thinking was, "Can we just go home?"  They weren't home, so we did go home.  It was weird.

Oh, but I found out something cool.  So when tracting instead of saying, "We're missionaries from the church....and we want to share a message with you and your family about the importance of families." yada, yada, yada.  I was reading in PMG and I got this idea to bear my testimony instead.  So the first time I did that I just said, "I know that we can be with our families forever, and because Jesus Christ lives, we can live again too."  And guess what?  We got a return appointment!  Except he's getting his wisdom teeth out.  Yeah, not fun.

But we're meeting with this guy, Lynnwood tomorrow.  He's black and loves Jesus.  It's kinda humours.  We have one investigator, Kelsey.  I love her sooooooo much!  She's 23, has struggled with depression and one time tried to kill herself.  She's Catholic (who isn't around here?) but she says when she prays she hears static.  She's read the BOM three times, and only recently started to pray.  We took a recent convert with us to our appointment with her last week.  The RC is around her age too.  Those two clicked right away.  So I was really glad we took Lauren (the RC).  But I remember when Kelsey was talking about something I just felt this feeling that the Lord loved her.  It was so awesome.  So I told her that.  I also shared with her Alma 7:11-12, about the Atonement, and how the Lord knows exactly what "you, Kelsey are going through."  She said she'd come to General Conference, but her meeting went late, so she didn't come.  And we haven't been able to get ahold of her since.  I really want to meet with her again.  I know that this gospel can bless her life so much, and she can come to an understanding of who she is, and that the Lord is really there listening. 

Earlier that day we met with Lauren, and I don't remember what we were talking about, but I asked her very boldly if she knew that the Lord loved her.  I know that that was an inspired question.  Because as she was talking to Kelsey about it later she said that it really made her think.  And then two days ago we were at Lasonja (a black lady) house.  She's less active.  She said, "Sometimes I feel 100% faith in Christ.  I feel that no matter what, I can do anything, and He'll take care of everything for me.  But then when other people come to me with their problems I feel, 'Why do you worry?  Everything will turn out for the better!'  So is that bad?  I feel that when I don't have 100% faith that I'm more humble."  Yeah, tough question.  I really listened to the Spirit.  But I asked her if there was ever a time when Christ said, "You have too much faith."  And she said no.  So I helped her realize that you can't have too much faith.  Then she said that maybe she was being impatient with other people.  And I told her, that yes, she probably was.  But it was so awesome to help her realize that it wasn't because she had too much faith that she was feeling proud, but that she probably needed to be more patient.

Oh, and driving.  OH my heck, I don't like it, but the Lord has blessed me so much.  I know the major streets around here, and I know not to go on I88, because that's a toll highway, and if I don't get in the right lane, then I have to pay.  We have a little sticker on our car so that when we pass through the Church pays for it, but you have to be in the right lane, or else you have to pay.  And you don't know which lane to get in until about .1 miles before your supposed to go through, and your going about 40 mph.  Yeah, not fun.  And then the stupid GPS sometimes will take me in a wacko way.  Like it told me to go into a parking lot one time.  Really?  That was a stressful night.  But no, I know the major roads, and usually I can find my way back home without the GPS.  The Lord is really protecting me.  Elder Gates (the AP) said that Sister Chen can't drive because she only has a Taiwan licence.  And plus she was asking me questions yesterday like, 'Why don't you go when the light red?"  I was making a left hand turn, and she said that her last comp, Sister Rousson, went when it was red.  I explained that she was probably making a right hand turn, and you can go right when the light is red and there's no other cars coming.

OH, and can I tell you that the worst pizza I've ever had was in here in the suburbs of Chicago?  It was at Cici's pizza.  Some members took us out to eat on Saturday in between sessions.  And the pieces were small, greasy and not soft.  I really want the pizza that's right by the Conoco station.   That pizza was good.  But the members feed us SOOOOOOOO much!  Every house we go to they just give, give, give!  On Sunday night we went to the Newcomers.  Sister Newcomer is from the Philippines, actually there are quite a few members in the Wheaton ward that are from there.  But it was like this party thing, where there were quite a few people there, and there was so much food!  Then there was desert afterwards.  Saturday night we went to go teach a member family so we could practice and get to know them, and she gave us cinnamon rolls.  Last night we went to Rosali's house, also from the Philippines, and she had this seafood dish that was interesting.  It had muscles, shrimp, and other seafood in there.  She had really good rice, and the best egg rolls I have ever had, no joke.  They weren't greasy, and they were homemade.  What's more is that they had beef and pork in them, and I STILL liked them!  I asked for the recipe.  But then she had this "cake."  Oh my gosh, worst thing in the world!  It was made from the Yucca plant...I think.  IT was basically a fruit in the Philippians and she ground it up, cooked it and put cheese on top.  Grosse!  But I ate what she gave me!  Then I went home looking for some chocolate.

A couple nights ago we went to the Mitchel's.  Brother Mitchel was out of town, but his wife, and two of their sons were there.  I could tell that she wasn't too thrilled to have us over.  But I pretended like I didn't notice.  I talked with their 15 yr old son, and during dinner all of us were taking.  We gave them the family mission plan, and she said that she was working on some of her neighbors.  I could tell that when we first came over she didn't really trust us with them, but then by the time we left she said, "I should have invited them over for dinner too, so they could meet you!"  I think Sister Chen really touched her wit her conversion story, and how she decided to go on a mission.  It was cool.  And she gave us this french dish.  It was rice, then on top beef and green beans.  And it was sooooooo good!  I don't like beef, but it wasn't stringy or tough.   was good.  Then she had this french apple desert.  It was a crust, with apricot jam and apples sprinkled with sugar on top.

Okay, this is funny.  I just looked around, and all the computers names are president's names.  Mines' Lincoln.  Oh, the Mitchels named all of their sons after presidents that begin with T, There's Tyler, Trumann, and Taft.  Then their daughter is the daughter of a president.  I can't remember her name.

Oh, and I know how you can help me!  HELP THE MISSIONARIES IN OUR WARD!  Well if you trust them that is.  But honestly life would be so much easier if we had more referrals.  Tracting is okay now, but in my opinion it's not the best way to baptise people.  If people have Mormon friends then they already know a little bit a bout the church.  Plus they have an immediate support system.  Also members at lessons are awesome too!  I don't think the missionaries before have been utilizing the members as much as they should.  So Sister Chen and I are really trying to get to know the members more.

Oh, on Friday I think we have an appointment with a less active member.  She was at General Conference and she's a piano teacher.  I found out that she has a Steinway piano!  Sister Chen wants to hear me play, so we asked Sister Moffett if it was okay if I brought music with me.  She said yes!  I was excited!  Sister Chen was like, "Please don't cancel,  I really want to hear Sister Ostler play piano!"  It was funny.
Okay, time's up.  Hope that answered the questions. 
Sister Ostler

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Sister Ostler's photo card arrived in the mail today.  Here are a few pictures from her weeks in the MTC and of her first day in Chicago.

The district!
Elder Chinn, Wagner, Adams, Oberg
Elder Jankiewez, Sister Ostler, Daley, Sorensen, Woodward, Elder Thomas

Sister Ostler & Sister Young

Elder Wagner & Elder Jankiewez eating "Jackie Creer Brownies!"

First day in Chicago, September 28, 2010

Sisters in Chicago - getting ready to give away their first Book of Mormon.