Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our teaching was "spot on!"

Dear Family:

Thanks for the picture mom!  Although just a note, it's better if you send a hard copy because when I view them on this computer It blows it up way too big.  And I can't shrink it.  But all my siblings look beautiful!
I'm excited for the trip to Chicago too!  I think we should spend a day in Nauvoo.  I want to do a session there.  I'd love to spend a day and a half ish in Rennsy, half a day in Wheaton (I really only want to see a couple people there) and two here in DeKalb.  I'm sure I’ll stay here 'til March.  I asked Sister Doll the other day if that was the case, she said she didn't know but if I put that in my letter to president, than he would seriously consider it.  I just hate moving and getting to know and gain the trust of a new ward.  I feel that even though I’ve messed up some, I've gained the trust of the members here.  Even the stake president on Thanksgiving, before we left was talking to his wife about arranging a lesson with one of their friends around Christmas time!  How awesome is that!  The stake president giving us a referral!  Then there's J and A (who won't be baptized for a long time) and then more people that we have to go out and find.

Sister Wallace & Sister Ostler
The work here is kinda slow...but we just keep getting up and going out to find people to baptize.  In these huge towns there has to be someone, right?  At least one person.  But when we're out finding it feels as if we just hit brick walls.  I'm doing good at keeping my attitude good between doors.  It's just when you get to the door it's like, 'Crap!  What do I say?’  I have no idea what this person might need, and they think, from experiences with J dubs prolly, that we're pushy.  They don't understand that we have it all.  We have happiness, we have salvation, we have hope, we have the answers.  "I'm already good with Jesus, I don't need more."  I kid you not when I say people quote from the Book of Mormon.  Check it out, 2 Nephi 28:25--people think their life is good.  "So what if I smoke?  I love Jesus!" as they laugh mockingly.
2 Nephi 28:27and29: "I already have the work of God, I’m good.  I don't see a need to read the Book of Mormon."  If there was more of the word of God wouldn't YOU want to read it?
2 Nephi 29:3 "I have my bible, and I’m good with it.  I don't need another one."  What they're really saying is that the BOM is false and doesn't testify of Christ.  What really gets me is when you ask them, "Have you read the BOM?"  They answer no.  THEN HOW IN THE HECK CAN YOU KNOW?  But they still won't listen.
2 Nephi 28:7-8:  In Rensselaer someone said, "God isn't going to keep me from going to Heaven if I smoke."
The other day we talked to man who went to a church that accepted people who are committing all types of sin.  He said, "Jesus is the Savior of all man kind, so we accept everyone."  Surprise when you get to dreadful day of the Lord!  I'd love to see their faces!
As missionaries we've discussed that we want to be the ones who greet those who are atheist or don't believe or think they're going straight to heaven when they die.  I'd love to see the look on their faces!
2 Nephi 28:26 kills me.  A note from your big sister:  Boys, and girl:  If any one ever and I mean EVER!!! hands you anti-mormon stuff, give it back!  It's from the Devil!  It's horrible.   It will kill your testimony!  NEVER EVER EVER EVER look at it!  Treat it like it's the black plague, for such it is.  You never want to question your testimony.  Stay strong to the spirit you have felt when you asked if the Book of Mormon is true.  If you have not yet done it, then do it now!  You know in your heart and mind that this is true, and what better witness can you receive than from God?  Pretty much none, and that's what I told J this week.
She finished the Book of Mormon, started reading Catholic Roots, Mormon Harvest, a wonderful book (so Sister Doll says) written by two former catholics.  They compare the two religions then gently show how the Mormons are right.  She then got a hold of some anti.  And that was it.  That was the final straw.  She was taking the meat before the milk.  Sister Doll had agreed to come with us, and this was before we knew she had read that.  We had planned this awesome lesson, and we were excited.  But there was a different spirit about her when we got there.  All through our discussion she held four books in her hand, the Bible, Book of Mormon, Catholic Roots, Mormon harvest, and the anti.  The only book she opened was the anti.  She held three books that testified that what we were saying was true, and yet she was focused on the anti.  She didn't do what we asked and sincerely pray to know if this was true.
Sister Dolls testimony was awesome!  And she later sent us a note that our teaching was "spot on" and we handled the whole situation really well.
Sunday was really hard.  I could barley sing hymns, and in fact, I didn't a lot.  In DeKalb ward I didn't go around and say hi to people like I usually do.  Sycamore ward was better, but still hard.
I just know that His elect are out there somewhere and I just have to find them!
Monday District Meeting rocked!  Elder Anjewierden is our new dl, and he's awesome.  He came out with me, has been training for 6 transfers IN A ROW!  This is my 6th transfer training, but not in a row.  He's got it a lot harder than I do with his greenie.  But we talked about agency and if we take their agency away then their sins are answered upon our heads.  And we also talked about how we can keep that fire going within us.  He asked us to think about why we came out and what keeps us here.  For me it's the Spirit.  The Spirit is what got me to where I’m at today.
We're also going to go caroling as a district sometimes later this year.  Hopefully the 24 and 25.

Elder Vicars and I, the last time I saw him
Oh, and also when you're here, we of course have to spend some time in downtown!  And to meet the Dolls too!  And the weather isn't going to be good either.  Also I need to give my homecoming talk sometime before I jet back to school, and what about GC?  Will there be time to watch that?  I NEED to watch GC in April!  Can we arrange our trip around it?  I don't want to spend too long out in the midwest cuz I've been here a long time already, but I do want you guys to spend time out here.  And I'll take you to all the good restaurants!  Including Portilos, Panera, Aidas, and the cheesecake factory!  Is Saydi coming too?
Those hand warmers would make my life easier.
Sorry this was kind of a depressing email.  Just not a lot going on.  We're praying for and working towards miracles!  EVERYDAY!  We just gotta have faith!
I want to hear all about HI!  I'm so jealous that you were in a nice warm place.  That's so foreign to me right now.  It's not too cold, thankfully it hasn't snowed and stuck yet.
I love you all!
Take care!
Sister Ostler
ps. I'll see if I can skype on the 25th...but don't get your hopes up.

Rockford Zone on Thanksgiving.  We got to the stake center at 8 (zls let us have 50 extra miles to go), and we played ultimate Frisbee.  We split up into three teams and the first team to 3 won, then the losing team sat out.  You could only win up to three times in a row.  Who's idea was that?  Yep, mine!  All those years of 100 people wanting to play wallyball at the same time.  It was a great start to the best thanksgiving I can remember.
Downtown Sycamore

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Few Miracles

Hola family! 
Lots to tell! 
One is transfers.  Well yeah.  I'm here in DeKalb, and my greenie is sitting beside.  I’m still training.  I feel that maybe I didn't train Sister Wallace as well as I could have in 12 weeks, so the Lord is giving me a chance to repent and try better.  I've got 6 weeks to really get her in shape.

Being with Sister Wallace has made me realize how much I've grown as a teacher.  Yesterday in J's lesson I recognized pretty quickly that she lacked faith, so I explained how faith and fear can't reside in the same person, and how she needs to pray with faith.  Later as we were talking about visiting teaching she said she wasn't really sure she was able to do it because she had so many problems of her own.  I recognized that she didn't understand the principles and doctrines behind service.
I later told Sister Wallace what I had observed and she asked "how do you that?"  
Well I understand the doctrine behind principles, and I live it.  I lived it before my mission and I try to live it more fully now.
Also a couple weeks ago we were in an appointment and this guy wasn't getting what I was saying bout something.  Then it hit me, "You believe in the trinity, don't you?"
"That's why you're not understanding, because we don't...." then I went on to explain the truth about the God head.
A year ago I wouldn't have been able to do that.
I just have to realize that Sister Wallace is where I was one  year ago. And I just need a whole lot of patience.  I'm trying to let her lead most of the lessons and commit people.  Faith in God is what I need!
Sister Wallace is a great girl.  We have fun together, but sometimes I wish I had those days when after praying Sister Howell and I would roll on the floor laughing for whatever reason.  It was great!
So as for spring semester. 
I need a place to live.  Is Ben staying for summer semester?  Cuz if he is then I want to be in his ward.  If not then give me a list of the more decent housing places and I'll pick which one I want.  Tell me if they are single bedroom, or shared, if they have a washer or dryer, where they are in relation to campus, and so forth.

I’ll also need a job for summer semester.  I was thinking early morning grounds crew, or secretary for psych dept.  They'd take me back, I’m sure. But I don't know which one will work best with my schedule.
As for you guys coming here to pick me up.  I talked to President Doll about that and he said that in the church handbook it says that they strongly discourage it.  Yes, parents have come before, and President Doll even said they went to South American to pick up there son when he came home. But that was before he knew any better.  He would be supportive of whatever we choose.
I would rather just come home then go back and visit later.  I love the spring break idea!  I would love, love, love to go to Nauvoo and stuff.  And for the boys to tour my mission with me!  That wold be awesome!  They could hopefully see the love that I have for these people and know what to look forward to when they go.  Plus then I wouldn't be a missionary, so I wouldn't have to follow all the rules.  I don't know if you're too keen on going to bed at 10:30 and getting up at 6:30 to go outside and run for 2 miles in the freezing cold.  Plus I'd work you like you've never been worked before!  Let's come to Illinois to relax!  And of course Indiana!  That's where it's at!

We went and saw L yesterday.  And she said that you had emailed her.  She said, "As I was reading the email I saw myself.  Your mom was exactly like me."  She said that it helped her so much and she and her daughter are doing so well.  She knits or crochets now.  She really wants to meet you because she said that you're a "neat lady."  And L tells you the honest to goodness truth about what she thinks of people. She's not your typical less-active member either.  She's really funny.
So thanks so much mom!  You totally helped her out!  I was afraid that maybe this wasn't what she needed but it is exactly what she needed!  You are awesome!
I'm so lucky to have you as a mom!
A couple weeks ago we were attempting to stop by some potential investigators with no luck.  As we were driving I saw a girl in her 20s raking leaves in her yard.  The thought came to me, "We should stop and help."  Traveled through my mind.  I thought, "Yeah, that's awkward!"  But I did it anyways.  I turned the car around, and we got out of the car approached her and asked if she needed help.  She thanked us, but said that she was almost done so she didn't need help.  I was just going to leave it at that, but I'm pretty sure the Spirit put words in our mouth and we started talking about the Book of Mormon and how it brings us closer to God.  We asked if she wanted to meet with us and learn more.  The look on her face told us that she probably thought we were crazy, but she said yes!  We set up an appointment with her.  Before we left she said that she didn't meet people like us very often.
A few days later we went to our appt
We couldn't set up a solid return appointment, but we got her number and we’re hoping to come back in a week.  Well the number she gave us didn't work, so on Saturday we stopped by her home, J wasn't there.  So we left a note.  Later that day she called us!  Turns out I had just dialed the wrong number!  We set up another appointment, and she asked us for a reading assignment.  She originally wanted to start from the beginning, but found that it was too hard to do that.  I asked what she was wanting in life and she said to come closer to God.  I felt impressed to leave her with Alma 5, which I've never done before.
When we went back she had read the whole chapter and LOVED it!  The member we brought with us was the same religion as J before she joined (talk about inspired!) and J said that she felt something missing in her life and she hoped that this would fill it.  She wants to come to church, and she wants to get her boyfriend to listen to us too and come to church!!!  J is so thankful that we found her, and we're just thankful that we listened to the Spirit and pulled over to ask if she needed help.  We invited her to be baptized for the remission of her sins, and even though she was baptized before she said yes!!!!  We didn't set a date because she said that she wants to come to church first and make sure that this is what she really wants to do.  But we are so excited for her!
Sorry, that was a bit long, but she is golden!
We also invited A to be baptized.  She said that is what she wanted, but she probably won't be baptized until I leave because she has a lot of word of wisdom issues.  She wants to get over them, but I don't think she thinks she can.  We have a member who is really working with her on overcoming her addictions.
I didn't receive the zazzle stamps.  Prolly because they were sent by ups and if we're not there they leave sticky notes on our door, and if they try the third time it gets sent back to the sender.  Yesterday was their third attempt.  And I’m sorry, but I can't wait around my apt waiting for stamps when there are people out there that need this gospel.  So I don't really know what to do about that.
Also, I have a strained ankle.  I did while running.  It was doing better so I decided to run on it without a wrap.  Now it hurts even worse.  I only ran for .1 miles, and it hurts.  But I can still walk on it just fine.  If I've been resting then it takes a few steps for me to be able to walk without a limp. I’m going to go get one of my own wraps today instead of borrowing Sister Wallaces.
Also you should all go to and create your own profile!  It's sooooooooooo fun.  And you get to revisit your testimony too.  It's amazing!  Then give the link to your friends!  Here's my link,

It was so much fun to make, and I'm planning on adding to it when I get home.
I can get shirts from the college.  Tell me what sizes, who they're for and then put the $ on my card, cuz I don't have the money to pay for them.  They can cost from 14-25 dollars.  There's also some cute sweat pants that cost a little more than that.  So just let me know.
And I think that's it!  I’m gonna try to send some pics!
love you and thanks for all you do for me!  Have a great thanksgiving!  We're going to the stake president’s house for it, so it'll be just grand!
Love Sister Ostler
Never mind, I don't have time to send week though, I promise!
Again I love you all and I’m so thankful for everything you do for me!  I’m so blessed to you have as my family.
Love Sister Ostler
The Divine Gift of Gratitude
"Regardless of our circumstances, each of us has much for which to be grateful if we will but PAUSE and CONTEMPLATE our blessings."
~Pres. Monson
There are two words that stand out here.  One is pause.  In our hectic 21st century lives we have to conscientiously pause, take a break from day to day activity and contemplate the many things that the Lord has given us.  The second word is contemplate, which means "To think about intently; study carefully."  Chew on that one for a minute and how it relates to thinking about those things we have been given in this life. It's not just to think about them but to think about intently.  When we do this miracles can and will happen (see matt 15:32-38)
Sister Ostler

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I want to marry a guy like him!

Aloha Familia!

Thank you dad for reminding me about the weather.  I think it's funny when people tell me that it's cold where I'm at.  I obviously know that it's cold.  But I’ve been wearing my light spring/fall jacket to help me get used to it.  And so far there have only been a few unbearable days.  Sister Wallace is already cold.  California people!  I tell her that all the time and she just laughs.

No news about transfers.  Although Elder Vicars and Finn keep saying, "We'll see you at transfers!"  The thing is, is that I don't think they know about transfers.  I only have 3 left, which scares me.  There are no sisters coming in so I'm not going to be training, yay!!!!  I'm thankful for that.
Well sadly our two people we had on date are moving.  One has already moved, which I’m thankful for.  I didn't click with him and he's just kinda unstable I think.   And the other one, J is going through a ton of medical stuff and they are thinking of moving to Florida.  So sad because they are an awesome family!
But the good news is that J, or investigator, is doing awesome.  She is still struggling with a lot of questions that only God can answer.  We can help her along the way, but in the end it's God.  However, she does know that the end result of these visits we're having with her is baptism.  We have never mentioned baptism, but she knows it.  The ward is doing so well to fellowship her, and the Relief Society is very aware of her and is inviting her to non-church related activities, like going out the movies and what not.  She also plans on going to all the meetings for Stake Conference this weekend.  So that's super exciting!  She always has lots of questions, but it's a good thing too, because that means she really wants to learn and understand.  Although her questions are so hard!  Some I can't answer.  It was cool because she asked, "You guys do baptisms for the dead, how does that play in with free will?"  We turned to the Bible and supported that doctrine with Pauls words, then explained, with the help of our wonderful member, that they still have the right to accept the ordinance or deny it.
She is still having trouble with eternal marriage.  I don't think she thinks that's possible.  But in ward conference on Sunday President Evans, a true man of God, testified with much feeling and boldness of the truthfulness of that doctrine, "Why would God allow me to learn so much as a father and husband here on earth, and forge these relationships here and then to have that all taken away."  I want to marry a guy like him.  He is solid as a rock and will help out where ever he is needed.  He just an amazing man!
J also gave us a CD!!  So now we have more music!  It's really good songs too.  We have to skip some because the beat isn't in line with missionary standards.  I don't like how it makes me feel.  But most of the songs are appropriate.  It's all good, and J is just awesome!  All around we're just really excited for her.
At this point our goal is to go out and find the elect of God.  In the DeKalb ward our teaching pool is low.  We just got a new ward mission leader, and he's been wml before, and bishop, so he knows what he's doing and he knows a lot about missionary work and is willing to help get the ward on fire.  I think that this is going to be a good turning point for the DeKalb ward.
We are also working with the DeKalb ward to get a 555 list from them.  There are a few part-member families that we want to go visit frequently.  Plus less-active members usually know more people who haven't heard about the gospel before.  In fact one of the less-actives in Sycamore ward gave us one of her clients numbers who's struggling with the death of her husband.  Granit this woman is 80some years old and probably not all there, but we can prepare her to receive the gospel in the next life.  But our less-active member agreed to come with us when we visited her!  To us that's even more exciting.
I did receive the package.  And that was the most un-pointless pkg ever!  It was the best!  The Word of God through His prophets and music!  We've listened to the Hillary Weeks CD alot.  Dad, could you tell me what instrument they are playing in the song called "He Will" by Hillary Weeks?  It's the part when no one is singing.  It think it's a guitar, but I can't tell.  My music skills are going down the drain.
And I would be sooooooooooo happy to work for you again!  I need the $, really bad!
Mom, you asked if I include any of this stuff to President Doll.  Truth is that some of the stuff you read is stuff I type to him then just copy and past it in here.  Makes for a longer letter and the fact that I don't have to type things twice.
I don't think we're allowed to watch videos, even of family.  Our mind must be single to His glory--centered on the work.
Well I knew you were going to ask me that dumb question, "What do you want for Christmas?"
So I made a list of ideas;
*Pictures of the family
*Testimonies of friends and families
*Stationary, not Christmas, but just fun stationery to write fun letters!
*Running shoes...although you should wait til I get home to get me those.  But you can tuck that money away for a few months.
*Calendar.  I loved the one you sent last year.
Again, those are just idea.
No sugar PLEASE!!!!  We have enough!  We will undoubtedly get enough!
Well I think that's all!
I've waited all week to tell you how much I love and appreciate all you do for me!  I'm so blessed to have such a loving, wonderful family who supports me 100% in what I’m doing.  I know that there's missionaries out here who don't have that.  Who are going home to much less than what I have.  Thank you for always being there for me.
And PLEASE! STAY STRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I don't want to see anyone of you decide to suit up for Satan.
I love you and pray for you.
Thank you for your examples.
Love,  Sister Ostler      ps. have fun in HI!!!! 
Helaman’s Warriors - A lesson for our day
We all know the story of Helaman's stripling warriors.  They were taught by their mothers the truth and they didn't die.  Oh but let's look further into this story.
In Alma 56:56 we have an amazing verse.  It shows their faith in God.  They fought with the strength of God.  There were not MEN that fought with that much strength.  And these were just boys!  They were going from boyhood to manhood (that's what stripling means).  And they fought more mightier than men!  In fact when they came to the aid of Antiupsus men (vs 52) they gave them so much courage that they beat the Lamanites.  And it says in vs 56 that is was because of these youths valiant effort that the Lamanites surrendered.
Boys, my young brothers, Elder Holland's talk this GC was powerful!  His call was straightforward!  He called you to enlist in this battle we have today!  It's a fierce one, and he asked for stripling warriors.  Boys who know the truth and are willing to put their faith in God and live it.  It's hard to live the truth in these days.  Like in times of old the bad outnumber the good.  But if we turn to Alma 2 we see that even though the Amalicities and Lamanites outnumbered the Nephites, the "Nephites being strengthened by the hand of the Lord, having prayed mightily to him that he would deliver them out of the hands of their enemies, therefore the Lord did hear their cried, and did strengthen them, and the Lamanites and the Amaliciets did fall before them. (Alma 2:28)"
Just like these Nephites you can pray for the strength to over come evil.  There is evil all around you, especially at school.  And on tv and online.  Please don't participate in it!  Please!  It only leads to sadness.  I have seen it happen!  I have seen how sin destroys people's lives, and they wonder why their life is so miserable!
The evil in this world is more than the good, but you can be a modern day stripling warrior.  Suit up for the Lord's team NOW!!!  Everyday put on that armor by reading your scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon, and praying, going to church, and fulfilling your priesthood duties.  AND OBEYING YOUR PARENTS.  That's what the stripling warriors did, and they survived.  So will you.
I love you and miss you.  PLEASE don't fall!
I know you can fight this fight with the Lord's help!
Sister Ostler

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ya'll should really go out and do some missionary work!

Dear family,
I knew it!  I knew that pkg was from you!  I got a slip in the mail last night that I had a pkg waiting for me at the post office.  I went there this morning, and they couldn't find it.  But they got my number and will call me once they do find it.  I'm so thankful to be in a country that they actually care about you getting your mail!  I’m not mad or upset or anything, just so thankful that they are so willing to find it for me, and if not, I’ll let you know and then you can send the Ensign again!
Speaking about pkgs.  Monday a huge one arrives from Hermiston.  Full of food...most of it is not appropriate if you’re trying to lose weight.  She sent a whole tin of sugar cookies (so good) and lots of candy.  

Good thing we had zone meeting yesterday!  Needless to say the elders loved them!  Sister Doll said that the sugar cookies were amazing too!   So really, if you send me junk food, thank you, but just to warn you I will be regifting some of it to other people.  McAllisters, bless their hearts, sent me some expensive looking chocolates.  Some other sisters wanted some, so I shared.
But tell Grammie thank you, and I was just sharing the love!  Although I loved the chips and dip she sent!  And how did she know we were running out of jam?  So if you send me food, make sure it's healthy!  There is a common misconception about missionaries in Chicago, and that is that we are always starving, not so!  We are way too fat!  Most of the time I feel so fat and disgusting.
On Thursday we went to a members house for dinner.  She made pizza.  She keeps piling food on your plate like non-other.  So my last piece was pretty much all cooked cheese.  I about threw up afterwards...not really, but I didn't feel good.  Then we've had enchiladas, and more pizza, and enough with the cooked cheese!!!!!  I've already gained enough weight!
So Jackson's e-mails are so amazing!  I receive so much strength from them!  I can't always remember everything that he says, but bits and pieces of them stay with me for several weeks, like the mission isn't about numbers or something like that, it's about people.  And that's what I've been trying to focus on.  Jackson has changed so much.  It really is amazing!
One meeting yesterday was amazing in and of itself.  I really needed everything that was said, especially in dropping people, and being patient with them and their progress.  To me as a missionary reading the scriptures every day is something that seems easy, but to others it's so new and they have to learn to work it into their schedule.
After Zone Meeting we went out to work and saw miracles!  We stopped by an investigator, whom we haven't been able to get a hold of for awhile.  We taught a short but powerful lesson about the blessings that come from the Book of Mormon.  She committed to read it for 10 min everyday.  We figured that in 10 min she could get 3 pages done, that would be 20ish pages in a week.
We also had a lesson with an active member family.  We had never met with them before but we both felt impressed to teach them Lesson 3.  Turns out that they had just studied the 4th article of faith the night before for FHE so it was still fresh in their minds.  We had a wonderful discussion and the Spirit was there.  Somehow the Spirit put words into our mouths and we were able to help them realize that they have friends, though not in our area, that could be receptive to hear the gospel.  I feel sometimes that one of my weaknesses is working with members, but lately the Holy Ghost has given us the words in the very moment that we need them so we're not pushy at all.
Ya'll should really go out and do some missionary work!
Looking back over the week I have come to realize more fully that it's the Spirit doing all the work, not us.  When the Spirit takes over that's when you see the miracles.
In a lesson with a less active member whom we had never met before, she really opened up to us and pretty much told us why she wasn't coming to church.  We let her know that we were there to be her friends and to help her regain that faith that she lost.
With another less active, well she keeps inviting us back, and she has a non-member husband!  We haven't met him yet, but we really hope to this weekend to see if he could possibly be interested.  I don't have a lot of experience in working with part-member families, so I'm gonna be relying on the Spirit 101% of the time.
I have still been focusing on teaching by the Spirit during my personal study, and I believe that that contributes a lot to how I teach.  I have come to realize more fully that it's not me, but the Spirit.  The Spirit really can give me the words I need in the very moment I need them.  I am also relying on the promise that the Lord gave us, when we open our mouths the Lord will fill them.  I have found that promise to be true every time I teach.
We had interview yesterday.  After the zone meeting was over Sister Howell and I went over to the piano, and I played while we talked.  We both feel as if we're not giving our daughters (her step-daughter) enough love.  She was telling me some stuff that she was feeling and I was feeling those exact same things!
In my interview with President, the first thing that he asked was about Sister Wallace.  So we talked about that, and I said that the lesson we had in zone meeting about dropping investigators, and how we should really be patient and long-suffering and understanding them applies to comps too.  Everyone learns and progresses at a different rate.  Sister Wallace has come far, she has improved since she's been out here.  And the exchange that we went on was really good for her too.  She came back with a lot more confidence than she had before.
So Harrison got in an accident?  What happened?  Are there pictures?  I'm so happy that no one got hurt!  I need details!  What if I were to say, "Oh and by the way, when we were driving to Rockford the other day we got in an accident and our car was totaled, but no one got hurt."  How would you react?
And sorry to leave you hanging mom on your letter, but I just felt that I needed to keep the letter more missionaryish.
Finding new investigators is getting soooooooooooooo hard!  It seems like no one wants to listen to us, then the stupid holidays are coming up, and let me tell you, I HATE the holidays on my mission! No one has time.  The work is slow..usually.  I'm just really hoping that we can somehow work with part-member families and get some referrals from members!
I can't think of anything else to say other than I think I might be getting sick.  My head hurts and I have a scratchy throat, and I heard at the post office that we might be getting flurries tomorrow.  Oh joy!  Sister Wallace hates the winter.  I told her that the first day it snowed we'd go to panera and get hot chocolate and soup, as a celebration!  Except that tomorrow we'll be in Rochelle, so that won't be possible!
How did you know our pday was getting switched to Monday!  We just found out yesterday!  In January it will be switched.  At first I didn't like that, but now it's not a big deal for me.  It'll be something different, and I love change!  Exchanges are in about 2 weeks!  I might be getting someone new, but I really feel that I'm not going to...oh well!  Come what may and love it!  And pray that whatever happens I will be happy.  I just don't want to move.  I feel as if I finally got the hang of this area!  If I could get a comp that is really good at working with members this place would be ON FIRE!!!!
So you know how every thanksgiving something with a boy goes down (well last year it didn’t) but this year it's gonna happen again.  Elder Vicars and Dearinger are leaving :(  They are some of my two favorite elders!  Yes, they’re goofy and annoying sometimes, but I'm gonna miss them.  Oh well, I'll survive.  I just hope we get a good ZL!
Okay well, that's about it.  I love you all!  Thanks for your prayers and support!  Don't forget to thank Heavenly Father for all your blessings!
Sister Ostler
For the spiritual thought read Mosiah 16:9.  Oh my Gosh!!!  So amazing!  So much hope!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Stand Strong

Hi family!
Yes, we did have to be in by 7 if we didn't have appts.  But we were in by 6:30 because our appts feel through and people were already out trick-or-treating.  So we went home and I made Clam Chowder, like I do every Halloween, and Banana Bread for Elder Vicars b-day.  I have lost all my cooking skills!  I didn't add enough flour so the bread burnt.  I had to cut some of it off.  Hopefully they'll all come back in a few months.  But I think I've sworn off cooking for awhile.
So remember that guy that prayed against our work in neighborhood?  On Sunday we had an appointment with a Spanish guy in that area.  He could speak English, but we figured we'd take Sister Borg just in case (she served in Chili).  We gave him a Libro and he kept saying he had never heard of anything like this before.  He kept flipping through the Libro and reading different parts of it.  We testified of it, and Sister Borg taught him about it in Spanish so he could better understand.  She quoted the first vision, and it was so cool.  As she was talking and bearing testimony I thought (this is what it sounds like in Jackson's language!)  I also bore testimony in much as I could.  I prolly sounded horrible!  But the Spirit was definitely there.  Too bad we're going to have to give him to the Spanish Sisters.  I just felt that it was the best thing we could do for him.  Or else we would have to bring a Spanish person with us all the time.
Can I just say I am sooooooo sick of all this wickedness is this world!  There's too much of it!  Too many people are trampling the Word of God, and Christ Himself underneath their feet!  Read the 2 Nephi after the Isaiah chapters.  I see these things every single day!  I see people quoting 2 Nephi 28:26-29.  They even quote chapter 29 from time to time.  28:5-8 is often seen and heard in the streets.  And it just makes me so sad!  I can't stand it sometimes!  But Christ said that if we serve Him that we will be persecuted and mocked for HIS SAKE.

So why does rejection surprise me?  Why does the wickedness surprise me?  It shouldn't.  And when the boys get out here it will be a whole lot worse than this.  So strengthen those testimonies of Christ and His restored Gospel!  If you don't you will be sent home.  Or you will fall away.  Do everything you can to strengthen them!  It's not a pretty world we live in.  Not at all.  Stay and stand strong! is one of the best missionary tools we have today.  One of our investigators drives past the church everyday to work.  It occurred to her that she doesn't know a lot about the church, so she went on line and googled it. popped up.  She went onto it and started to look around (she commented on how wonderful the website was).  She started to chat with a sister missionary and soon the sister missionary referred her to us.
She wanted a Book of Mormon and to learn more about the church.  We taught her the first lesson on Friday evening and invited her to church.  She stayed for the whole three hours, and by that time she had was half way through 2 Nephi.  We're guessing she read most of the day on Saturday.  We're excited to meet with her again!  We're really hoping and praying that the Spirit will witness to her that the Book of Mormon is true.  And it's all because of!  So go and make those profiles!
One of our less active members loves coming to appointments with us, so that's what we're trying to do with her.  We are going to try to get her to an appointment every other week.  She loves missionaries and missionary work, and she has such a strong testimony.  It's just her family that is holding her back.
And the reason that one email ended funny was because I realized I only had 8 seconds left before my session ended.  We only have an hour then the computer boots you off.
And thank you so much for the apples!  It's amazing to eat WA apples!  They just have Wisconsin apples here.  I miss the west and the weather and the food, and small spiders.  Here they have huge rear ends and they're just creepy.

I would love to go to Jerusalem!  If I don't die, and if I have enough money.  Thing is I have pretty much nothing left.  How much do I have left in my account?  You better be using MY money to pay for MY mission!  Not yours!
We mostly stay in DeKalb for pdays.  Sometimes go out to eat.  My district is crazy sometimes.  They frustrated me.  I sometimes wish I was in the other district, but Heavenly Father gives me trials for a reason.  And I hope to stay here cuz it's so hard to start over.  It's hard to gain the trust of members, to get to know them, to get to know the area, the investigators, just everything.  And packing is bad too.  I hate it.
Yes, President Doll does respond mostly every week.
And we get fed ALL THE TIME!  That's why I'm gaining so much weight.  I get a heavy meal and desert every night.  I'm going to try to take less and eat more slowly so it looks like I'm eating just as much as everyone else.  We eat lunch at the appts
And Sister Wallace doesn't cook a lot.  She and I are very different, but we just got to work out our differences and go and do the work.
Missionary work never really seems to end.
I love you all!  Thank you for everything you do for me!
Stay strong!
Love Sister Ostler