Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our teaching was "spot on!"

Dear Family:

Thanks for the picture mom!  Although just a note, it's better if you send a hard copy because when I view them on this computer It blows it up way too big.  And I can't shrink it.  But all my siblings look beautiful!
I'm excited for the trip to Chicago too!  I think we should spend a day in Nauvoo.  I want to do a session there.  I'd love to spend a day and a half ish in Rennsy, half a day in Wheaton (I really only want to see a couple people there) and two here in DeKalb.  I'm sure I’ll stay here 'til March.  I asked Sister Doll the other day if that was the case, she said she didn't know but if I put that in my letter to president, than he would seriously consider it.  I just hate moving and getting to know and gain the trust of a new ward.  I feel that even though I’ve messed up some, I've gained the trust of the members here.  Even the stake president on Thanksgiving, before we left was talking to his wife about arranging a lesson with one of their friends around Christmas time!  How awesome is that!  The stake president giving us a referral!  Then there's J and A (who won't be baptized for a long time) and then more people that we have to go out and find.

Sister Wallace & Sister Ostler
The work here is kinda slow...but we just keep getting up and going out to find people to baptize.  In these huge towns there has to be someone, right?  At least one person.  But when we're out finding it feels as if we just hit brick walls.  I'm doing good at keeping my attitude good between doors.  It's just when you get to the door it's like, 'Crap!  What do I say?’  I have no idea what this person might need, and they think, from experiences with J dubs prolly, that we're pushy.  They don't understand that we have it all.  We have happiness, we have salvation, we have hope, we have the answers.  "I'm already good with Jesus, I don't need more."  I kid you not when I say people quote from the Book of Mormon.  Check it out, 2 Nephi 28:25--people think their life is good.  "So what if I smoke?  I love Jesus!" as they laugh mockingly.
2 Nephi 28:27and29: "I already have the work of God, I’m good.  I don't see a need to read the Book of Mormon."  If there was more of the word of God wouldn't YOU want to read it?
2 Nephi 29:3 "I have my bible, and I’m good with it.  I don't need another one."  What they're really saying is that the BOM is false and doesn't testify of Christ.  What really gets me is when you ask them, "Have you read the BOM?"  They answer no.  THEN HOW IN THE HECK CAN YOU KNOW?  But they still won't listen.
2 Nephi 28:7-8:  In Rensselaer someone said, "God isn't going to keep me from going to Heaven if I smoke."
The other day we talked to man who went to a church that accepted people who are committing all types of sin.  He said, "Jesus is the Savior of all man kind, so we accept everyone."  Surprise when you get to dreadful day of the Lord!  I'd love to see their faces!
As missionaries we've discussed that we want to be the ones who greet those who are atheist or don't believe or think they're going straight to heaven when they die.  I'd love to see the look on their faces!
2 Nephi 28:26 kills me.  A note from your big sister:  Boys, and girl:  If any one ever and I mean EVER!!! hands you anti-mormon stuff, give it back!  It's from the Devil!  It's horrible.   It will kill your testimony!  NEVER EVER EVER EVER look at it!  Treat it like it's the black plague, for such it is.  You never want to question your testimony.  Stay strong to the spirit you have felt when you asked if the Book of Mormon is true.  If you have not yet done it, then do it now!  You know in your heart and mind that this is true, and what better witness can you receive than from God?  Pretty much none, and that's what I told J this week.
She finished the Book of Mormon, started reading Catholic Roots, Mormon Harvest, a wonderful book (so Sister Doll says) written by two former catholics.  They compare the two religions then gently show how the Mormons are right.  She then got a hold of some anti.  And that was it.  That was the final straw.  She was taking the meat before the milk.  Sister Doll had agreed to come with us, and this was before we knew she had read that.  We had planned this awesome lesson, and we were excited.  But there was a different spirit about her when we got there.  All through our discussion she held four books in her hand, the Bible, Book of Mormon, Catholic Roots, Mormon harvest, and the anti.  The only book she opened was the anti.  She held three books that testified that what we were saying was true, and yet she was focused on the anti.  She didn't do what we asked and sincerely pray to know if this was true.
Sister Dolls testimony was awesome!  And she later sent us a note that our teaching was "spot on" and we handled the whole situation really well.
Sunday was really hard.  I could barley sing hymns, and in fact, I didn't a lot.  In DeKalb ward I didn't go around and say hi to people like I usually do.  Sycamore ward was better, but still hard.
I just know that His elect are out there somewhere and I just have to find them!
Monday District Meeting rocked!  Elder Anjewierden is our new dl, and he's awesome.  He came out with me, has been training for 6 transfers IN A ROW!  This is my 6th transfer training, but not in a row.  He's got it a lot harder than I do with his greenie.  But we talked about agency and if we take their agency away then their sins are answered upon our heads.  And we also talked about how we can keep that fire going within us.  He asked us to think about why we came out and what keeps us here.  For me it's the Spirit.  The Spirit is what got me to where I’m at today.
We're also going to go caroling as a district sometimes later this year.  Hopefully the 24 and 25.

Elder Vicars and I, the last time I saw him
Oh, and also when you're here, we of course have to spend some time in downtown!  And to meet the Dolls too!  And the weather isn't going to be good either.  Also I need to give my homecoming talk sometime before I jet back to school, and what about GC?  Will there be time to watch that?  I NEED to watch GC in April!  Can we arrange our trip around it?  I don't want to spend too long out in the midwest cuz I've been here a long time already, but I do want you guys to spend time out here.  And I'll take you to all the good restaurants!  Including Portilos, Panera, Aidas, and the cheesecake factory!  Is Saydi coming too?
Those hand warmers would make my life easier.
Sorry this was kind of a depressing email.  Just not a lot going on.  We're praying for and working towards miracles!  EVERYDAY!  We just gotta have faith!
I want to hear all about HI!  I'm so jealous that you were in a nice warm place.  That's so foreign to me right now.  It's not too cold, thankfully it hasn't snowed and stuck yet.
I love you all!
Take care!
Sister Ostler
ps. I'll see if I can skype on the 25th...but don't get your hopes up.

Rockford Zone on Thanksgiving.  We got to the stake center at 8 (zls let us have 50 extra miles to go), and we played ultimate Frisbee.  We split up into three teams and the first team to 3 won, then the losing team sat out.  You could only win up to three times in a row.  Who's idea was that?  Yep, mine!  All those years of 100 people wanting to play wallyball at the same time.  It was a great start to the best thanksgiving I can remember.
Downtown Sycamore

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