Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Stand Strong

Hi family!
Yes, we did have to be in by 7 if we didn't have appts.  But we were in by 6:30 because our appts feel through and people were already out trick-or-treating.  So we went home and I made Clam Chowder, like I do every Halloween, and Banana Bread for Elder Vicars b-day.  I have lost all my cooking skills!  I didn't add enough flour so the bread burnt.  I had to cut some of it off.  Hopefully they'll all come back in a few months.  But I think I've sworn off cooking for awhile.
So remember that guy that prayed against our work in neighborhood?  On Sunday we had an appointment with a Spanish guy in that area.  He could speak English, but we figured we'd take Sister Borg just in case (she served in Chili).  We gave him a Libro and he kept saying he had never heard of anything like this before.  He kept flipping through the Libro and reading different parts of it.  We testified of it, and Sister Borg taught him about it in Spanish so he could better understand.  She quoted the first vision, and it was so cool.  As she was talking and bearing testimony I thought (this is what it sounds like in Jackson's language!)  I also bore testimony in much as I could.  I prolly sounded horrible!  But the Spirit was definitely there.  Too bad we're going to have to give him to the Spanish Sisters.  I just felt that it was the best thing we could do for him.  Or else we would have to bring a Spanish person with us all the time.
Can I just say I am sooooooo sick of all this wickedness is this world!  There's too much of it!  Too many people are trampling the Word of God, and Christ Himself underneath their feet!  Read the 2 Nephi after the Isaiah chapters.  I see these things every single day!  I see people quoting 2 Nephi 28:26-29.  They even quote chapter 29 from time to time.  28:5-8 is often seen and heard in the streets.  And it just makes me so sad!  I can't stand it sometimes!  But Christ said that if we serve Him that we will be persecuted and mocked for HIS SAKE.

So why does rejection surprise me?  Why does the wickedness surprise me?  It shouldn't.  And when the boys get out here it will be a whole lot worse than this.  So strengthen those testimonies of Christ and His restored Gospel!  If you don't you will be sent home.  Or you will fall away.  Do everything you can to strengthen them!  It's not a pretty world we live in.  Not at all.  Stay and stand strong! is one of the best missionary tools we have today.  One of our investigators drives past the church everyday to work.  It occurred to her that she doesn't know a lot about the church, so she went on line and googled it. popped up.  She went onto it and started to look around (she commented on how wonderful the website was).  She started to chat with a sister missionary and soon the sister missionary referred her to us.
She wanted a Book of Mormon and to learn more about the church.  We taught her the first lesson on Friday evening and invited her to church.  She stayed for the whole three hours, and by that time she had was half way through 2 Nephi.  We're guessing she read most of the day on Saturday.  We're excited to meet with her again!  We're really hoping and praying that the Spirit will witness to her that the Book of Mormon is true.  And it's all because of!  So go and make those profiles!
One of our less active members loves coming to appointments with us, so that's what we're trying to do with her.  We are going to try to get her to an appointment every other week.  She loves missionaries and missionary work, and she has such a strong testimony.  It's just her family that is holding her back.
And the reason that one email ended funny was because I realized I only had 8 seconds left before my session ended.  We only have an hour then the computer boots you off.
And thank you so much for the apples!  It's amazing to eat WA apples!  They just have Wisconsin apples here.  I miss the west and the weather and the food, and small spiders.  Here they have huge rear ends and they're just creepy.

I would love to go to Jerusalem!  If I don't die, and if I have enough money.  Thing is I have pretty much nothing left.  How much do I have left in my account?  You better be using MY money to pay for MY mission!  Not yours!
We mostly stay in DeKalb for pdays.  Sometimes go out to eat.  My district is crazy sometimes.  They frustrated me.  I sometimes wish I was in the other district, but Heavenly Father gives me trials for a reason.  And I hope to stay here cuz it's so hard to start over.  It's hard to gain the trust of members, to get to know them, to get to know the area, the investigators, just everything.  And packing is bad too.  I hate it.
Yes, President Doll does respond mostly every week.
And we get fed ALL THE TIME!  That's why I'm gaining so much weight.  I get a heavy meal and desert every night.  I'm going to try to take less and eat more slowly so it looks like I'm eating just as much as everyone else.  We eat lunch at the appts
And Sister Wallace doesn't cook a lot.  She and I are very different, but we just got to work out our differences and go and do the work.
Missionary work never really seems to end.
I love you all!  Thank you for everything you do for me!
Stay strong!
Love Sister Ostler

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