Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Few Miracles

Hola family! 
Lots to tell! 
One is transfers.  Well yeah.  I'm here in DeKalb, and my greenie is sitting beside.  I’m still training.  I feel that maybe I didn't train Sister Wallace as well as I could have in 12 weeks, so the Lord is giving me a chance to repent and try better.  I've got 6 weeks to really get her in shape.

Being with Sister Wallace has made me realize how much I've grown as a teacher.  Yesterday in J's lesson I recognized pretty quickly that she lacked faith, so I explained how faith and fear can't reside in the same person, and how she needs to pray with faith.  Later as we were talking about visiting teaching she said she wasn't really sure she was able to do it because she had so many problems of her own.  I recognized that she didn't understand the principles and doctrines behind service.
I later told Sister Wallace what I had observed and she asked "how do you that?"  
Well I understand the doctrine behind principles, and I live it.  I lived it before my mission and I try to live it more fully now.
Also a couple weeks ago we were in an appointment and this guy wasn't getting what I was saying bout something.  Then it hit me, "You believe in the trinity, don't you?"
"That's why you're not understanding, because we don't...." then I went on to explain the truth about the God head.
A year ago I wouldn't have been able to do that.
I just have to realize that Sister Wallace is where I was one  year ago. And I just need a whole lot of patience.  I'm trying to let her lead most of the lessons and commit people.  Faith in God is what I need!
Sister Wallace is a great girl.  We have fun together, but sometimes I wish I had those days when after praying Sister Howell and I would roll on the floor laughing for whatever reason.  It was great!
So as for spring semester. 
I need a place to live.  Is Ben staying for summer semester?  Cuz if he is then I want to be in his ward.  If not then give me a list of the more decent housing places and I'll pick which one I want.  Tell me if they are single bedroom, or shared, if they have a washer or dryer, where they are in relation to campus, and so forth.

I’ll also need a job for summer semester.  I was thinking early morning grounds crew, or secretary for psych dept.  They'd take me back, I’m sure. But I don't know which one will work best with my schedule.
As for you guys coming here to pick me up.  I talked to President Doll about that and he said that in the church handbook it says that they strongly discourage it.  Yes, parents have come before, and President Doll even said they went to South American to pick up there son when he came home. But that was before he knew any better.  He would be supportive of whatever we choose.
I would rather just come home then go back and visit later.  I love the spring break idea!  I would love, love, love to go to Nauvoo and stuff.  And for the boys to tour my mission with me!  That wold be awesome!  They could hopefully see the love that I have for these people and know what to look forward to when they go.  Plus then I wouldn't be a missionary, so I wouldn't have to follow all the rules.  I don't know if you're too keen on going to bed at 10:30 and getting up at 6:30 to go outside and run for 2 miles in the freezing cold.  Plus I'd work you like you've never been worked before!  Let's come to Illinois to relax!  And of course Indiana!  That's where it's at!

We went and saw L yesterday.  And she said that you had emailed her.  She said, "As I was reading the email I saw myself.  Your mom was exactly like me."  She said that it helped her so much and she and her daughter are doing so well.  She knits or crochets now.  She really wants to meet you because she said that you're a "neat lady."  And L tells you the honest to goodness truth about what she thinks of people. She's not your typical less-active member either.  She's really funny.
So thanks so much mom!  You totally helped her out!  I was afraid that maybe this wasn't what she needed but it is exactly what she needed!  You are awesome!
I'm so lucky to have you as a mom!
A couple weeks ago we were attempting to stop by some potential investigators with no luck.  As we were driving I saw a girl in her 20s raking leaves in her yard.  The thought came to me, "We should stop and help."  Traveled through my mind.  I thought, "Yeah, that's awkward!"  But I did it anyways.  I turned the car around, and we got out of the car approached her and asked if she needed help.  She thanked us, but said that she was almost done so she didn't need help.  I was just going to leave it at that, but I'm pretty sure the Spirit put words in our mouth and we started talking about the Book of Mormon and how it brings us closer to God.  We asked if she wanted to meet with us and learn more.  The look on her face told us that she probably thought we were crazy, but she said yes!  We set up an appointment with her.  Before we left she said that she didn't meet people like us very often.
A few days later we went to our appt
We couldn't set up a solid return appointment, but we got her number and we’re hoping to come back in a week.  Well the number she gave us didn't work, so on Saturday we stopped by her home, J wasn't there.  So we left a note.  Later that day she called us!  Turns out I had just dialed the wrong number!  We set up another appointment, and she asked us for a reading assignment.  She originally wanted to start from the beginning, but found that it was too hard to do that.  I asked what she was wanting in life and she said to come closer to God.  I felt impressed to leave her with Alma 5, which I've never done before.
When we went back she had read the whole chapter and LOVED it!  The member we brought with us was the same religion as J before she joined (talk about inspired!) and J said that she felt something missing in her life and she hoped that this would fill it.  She wants to come to church, and she wants to get her boyfriend to listen to us too and come to church!!!  J is so thankful that we found her, and we're just thankful that we listened to the Spirit and pulled over to ask if she needed help.  We invited her to be baptized for the remission of her sins, and even though she was baptized before she said yes!!!!  We didn't set a date because she said that she wants to come to church first and make sure that this is what she really wants to do.  But we are so excited for her!
Sorry, that was a bit long, but she is golden!
We also invited A to be baptized.  She said that is what she wanted, but she probably won't be baptized until I leave because she has a lot of word of wisdom issues.  She wants to get over them, but I don't think she thinks she can.  We have a member who is really working with her on overcoming her addictions.
I didn't receive the zazzle stamps.  Prolly because they were sent by ups and if we're not there they leave sticky notes on our door, and if they try the third time it gets sent back to the sender.  Yesterday was their third attempt.  And I’m sorry, but I can't wait around my apt waiting for stamps when there are people out there that need this gospel.  So I don't really know what to do about that.
Also, I have a strained ankle.  I did while running.  It was doing better so I decided to run on it without a wrap.  Now it hurts even worse.  I only ran for .1 miles, and it hurts.  But I can still walk on it just fine.  If I've been resting then it takes a few steps for me to be able to walk without a limp. I’m going to go get one of my own wraps today instead of borrowing Sister Wallaces.
Also you should all go to and create your own profile!  It's sooooooooooo fun.  And you get to revisit your testimony too.  It's amazing!  Then give the link to your friends!  Here's my link,

It was so much fun to make, and I'm planning on adding to it when I get home.
I can get shirts from the college.  Tell me what sizes, who they're for and then put the $ on my card, cuz I don't have the money to pay for them.  They can cost from 14-25 dollars.  There's also some cute sweat pants that cost a little more than that.  So just let me know.
And I think that's it!  I’m gonna try to send some pics!
love you and thanks for all you do for me!  Have a great thanksgiving!  We're going to the stake president’s house for it, so it'll be just grand!
Love Sister Ostler
Never mind, I don't have time to send week though, I promise!
Again I love you all and I’m so thankful for everything you do for me!  I’m so blessed to you have as my family.
Love Sister Ostler
The Divine Gift of Gratitude
"Regardless of our circumstances, each of us has much for which to be grateful if we will but PAUSE and CONTEMPLATE our blessings."
~Pres. Monson
There are two words that stand out here.  One is pause.  In our hectic 21st century lives we have to conscientiously pause, take a break from day to day activity and contemplate the many things that the Lord has given us.  The second word is contemplate, which means "To think about intently; study carefully."  Chew on that one for a minute and how it relates to thinking about those things we have been given in this life. It's not just to think about them but to think about intently.  When we do this miracles can and will happen (see matt 15:32-38)
Sister Ostler

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