Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Alot of tracting

I don't have a lot of time.
We went to the temple today as a district, minus the APs, and then we couldn’t find a computer to type on four a couple minutes.  And the temple oh my gosh!  I was sick the entire session, and so it was naturally the longest session yet.  My stomach hurt so bad!  I folded my arms and was really tense, so the temple worker thought I was cold.  It was only us missionaries in the session, so they had to bring temple workers to be the main couple and the prayer.  So that was interesting.
This week was hard.  Alot of tracting (100 contacts exactly!)  But Monday was so good!  District meeting was AMAZING!  The other sisters were late, so while waiting Elder Gates went to the piano and started dinking around.  He played the first couple notes of "River Flows in You."  And I was like, "That's one of my favorite songs!  My sister plays that one!"  So he played it, and it was sooooo good!  He also played a little bit of "Only Hope."  So that really reminded me of Saydi.  I got a letter from her yesterday, which was AMAZING!  But I won't have time to write to her today ;()
But then we stopped by one of our investigators.  We'd only taught her once, and we weren't sure she was really interested.  Every time we went over there she was gone.  But this time she was there!  She only had 10 min. so we taught her about prayer.  Then we gave away a BOM to a baptist lady.  Wasn't interested, but said she’d read.  I don't remember what happened next...oh we ran into one of our earlier contacts from a couple weeks ago, and she was going through a hard time.  Her boyfriend of three years just left her, turns out he'd been cheating on her that long too.  So we gave her the faith in Christ DVD.  That's a good movie.  We'll stop by some other time too.

That night we had an appointment with Kimberly, and we took Sister Caroll with us.  She and her husband live right by Kimberly.  But of course Kimberly wasn't home.  So we tracted.  Got someone interested in the BOM, and some return appointments.  We had one guy stand in his doorway (it was a u-shaped appt. complex) and watch us.  So that was creepy.  But there were a lot of people around, so we weren't too worried.  But then that night Sister Caroll came with us to another appointment.  No one answered the door for awhile, but finally Jessica did.  We had 15 minutes to teach her.  And we taught about prayer.  It was cool because she's Latino, and Sister Caroll served in El Salvador.  So she spoke Spanish with Jessica for a bit.  And plus Sister Caroll is an awesome teacher and really added to the lesson.  That was just a really good day.
Still no one showed up to church.  We can't get ahold of Tony.  It's frustrating because on Sunday we went there after church to see why he didn't come, and we could hear him playing with his boy inside, but he didn't answer the door!  That happened another time too.  And he's not returning our calls!  SO FRUSTRATING! 
Yesterday was hard.  And my back has been killing me.  Like it's never hurt this bad for this long.  Alot of the time it's like hot needles poking me in my back.  It's frustrating because there's nothing I can do about it.  I've learned to drive with my right arm (it's my left that's killing me) and to carry my scriptures and stuff in the crook of right arm.  But by noon my back hurts!  Expect for today...until right now.  So if you have any suggestions, like exercises, or things I can eat.
Okay, well sorry to end on a not-so-good note, but I gotta go!
Love you, sorry it's short.
Love, Sister Ostler

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