Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Well life is better.

Sister Chen and I have been looking for the little miracles everyday.  It's amazing what can happens when you actually look for the blessings in your life.  Like one day we had two lessons scheduled.  But they both feel through.  Well during the day we were blessed with three lessons we hadn't planned for.  One of them was with Kim.

She lives in a rich area, and usually we have no luck with those.  But were there so we tracted.  I thought she was gonna say not interested, which she did.  Then Sister Chen brought up the Book of Mormon and started talking about it.  She was interested in it and let us in.  We began to teach her the first lesson.  We asked her a question about prayer and how she knew that God answered prayers.  We told her that God hears us and answers us.  She said, "What if you've been asking for a long time."  I could tell she was gonna start crying.  Sister Chen started to say something.  Then I cut her off and asked, "What do you mean?"  She then told us that she'd been praying to have a child for a long time (she's probably your age mom) but she couldn't have children.  She'd married her husband, who through a previous marriage had three children, and she said they were all mad, for whatever reason, I don't know.  But I could tell that there was drama in her house, and the spirit of contention, and she'd been trying so hard to love these children that weren't hers, to be a good mom to them.

I told her about Aunt Julie.  I was able to tell her that Aunt Julie wanted children, but she received a blessing that told her that the children that were supposed to come to her would come a different way, so they started adopting.  And they had four awesome children, including Ben Wallace ;)

Maybe she, Kim, wasn't supposed to have children of her own, maybe the children that came to her were these children that her husband had.  We told her that the Book of Mormon would help her get through the trials and difficulty in her life.  When we set up the next appointment she actually go out her planner to make sure she would be available.  So that was a really neat experience.

And yesterday we had Brother King come with us to an appointment and he had to come from Villa Park to Wheaton for that appointment.  Well, we got there and Bill Anderson said he was really tired and didn't want to meet with us.  I said, "We will only take 15 minutes, then we will be gone."  That's what President Doll told us to do.  So he let us in.  We started teaching and Brother King really helped us.  Then at 20ish minutes, we had just introduced the Book of Mormon and I said, "We've reached 15 minutes, but if you would like to we can continue to teach you for 10 more minutes."  He said yes.  So we taught him for 10 more minutes.  And it was a good lesson, and he invited us back, and if he's not working he'll come to church this Sunday!  Yay for miracles!

So question.  Yesterday was cold.  Brother King said there was a wind child of 17.  That's fine with me.  I'm used to it being from Washington and Rexburg. But Sister Chen got really cold.  She said her bones started to hurt her.  Well it wasn't long after that, that we were invited into a LA home that we tracted into.  It was really warm in there so I thought it would thaw Sister Chen out, but she said she was still really cold, and she was shivering.  Her whole body hurt, and that had never happened to her before.  I was worried about her.

It then took us 25ish minutes to get to our dinner appointment (traffic was terrible) and I had the heat on high, and oh my gosh my contacts started drying out it was so hot in the car!  I had taken off my hat and gloves, but Sister Chen was still bundled up with her scarf on and everything.  She said she felt better, but at the dinner appointment she started hurting again.  I could tell she was in a lot of pain.  Her throat also hurt her that day.  But I could tell she was in so much pain.  She has a high pain tolerance, and you could see it on her face that she was in pain.  She went to bed early last night, and felt better this morning, but what happened?  Was it because she'd never experienced cold like that?  To me it was normal cold weather, but I guess not for her.  And I don't think she understands what she has to wear.  I told her to wear her thermals today, but she didn't.  She just put on a long pair of socks over her nylons.  I'm also making her drink airborne, but she won't take vitamins.  And she also is starting a cold.  And she also won't take a day off either.  She'll continue working even if she's sick.  Sounds like me.  But this week we don't have a day where we can rest.  Today we have to go out and start to proselyte at 12 (we have an appt with Lulu.  Let's hope it doesn't fall through).  Then tomorrow we have some free time, but I know Sister Chen wants to go out and work, and she won't rest.  She'll study the area book and find people we can go stop by during the week.  She won't rest, and I can't make her rest, and I don't want her to get sick, so I don't know what to do.  Help please?  I mean if I was really sick I'd call Sister Doll and say, hey, can we stay in this morning until such and such time so I can rest, then go out and work?  So that's my current issue.  I don't know what to do for her.

Oh, and Jackson e-mailed me back!  Yay!  I was excited.  He said to work with the members, and I laughed at that.  I don't think the past missionaries really had the trust of the members.  But I know that recently we have gotten the trust of several families.  And we're having thanksgiving at the Bishops house tomorrow.  So that'll be good.  Maybe I can talk with him of what we as missionaries can do to get the members more involved.

A lot of times I don't think members realize how important this gospel is and how it's their responsibility to share it with others.  Look at all the quotes from chapter 1 of preach my gospel at the very end.  Everyone of those quotes on missionary work isn't directed towards full time missionaries, but to the members of the church.  Interesting.

And I was a really bad missionary before I came out here.  I wish in high school I was better.  In college?  Well I tried to strengthen those around me.

Oh, and tell Kortniegh to send me a wedding invitation.  I still don't have the story, and I NEED IT!  Come on we've been friends since we were like babies!

Also I never received any package from you, and you still haven't sent me the blessing yet.  Also I don't know if you recieved my letter I sent home last week, but Sister Doll needs three pictures of me.  I mailed my memory card home before I knew that, so could you please send her three pictures (good pictures) of me.  Preferably not ones of me pigging out.  I think a good one would be of me all bundled up.  Okay, well it's time to go.

Love you all! 
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving in warm HI! 
And don't worry about me, because we have two eating appointments tomorrow.  One for lunch, and one for dinner!  I'm a gonna get fat!
Love Sister Ostler

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