Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Forward and not Backward

To whom it my concern:
This week was a ROLLER COASTER!!!
I don't know what's wrong with me, but one minute I'll be fine, the next stressed out, then annoyed, then completely in love with life.  I think it might be the can't make up it's mind.  (And just so all of you know there's this lady sitting by me with REALLY bad BO.  So thank you for teaching me how to shower, Mom).
So Kim.  As far as I know the baptism is still on.  But the Cameron's won't be there cuz Sister Cameron is taking President Cameron to this thing in IL that day for fathers day.  She and the kids have had it planned for 3 months now, and family is priority.  So Brother Portwood is going to do the ordinance!  But I just worry about Kim everyday.  He NEEDs to be baptized so very bad.  But it's also stressful too cuz he always comes to ME with his questions.  When we begin every lesson he looks at me, for every question he usually looks at me, and then on Sunday before he left he handed me a piece of paper with a question on it.  But Elder Dearinger will be there and he's really good at explaining that kind of thing.  And we're having a cookout!  Hot dogs and s’mores!  Do you know how long it's been since I've had fire roasted hotdogs and s'mores!   I'm soooooooo excited!!!  Thank you so much for praying for him!  He needs all the prayers he can get!
So Elder Anderson just called me...he's in charge of all the vehicles.  And guess what?  TOMORROW WE GET A NEW CAR!!  It's a Ford Fusion, and I’m excited!!!!  Our Corolla has like 50000+ miles on it, no joke.  It makes weird noises sometimes.  I'm soooooo excited!  Except we have to drive all the way to Joliet for it...we were going to car pool, but now we can't.  But the reward will be AWESOME!!!  Sister Mondelli picked silver.  Oh and this is BRAND SPANKIN' NEW CAR!  So excited!
For Sunday we had 5 solid people said they were coming.  2 came.  Lisa was sick, Tommy didn't wake up...again....and he lives up in Wheatfield so it's not like we can go up there and bang on his door...Cindy wasn't feeling comfortable with only Todd and Kim came.  But Kim loved it.  It was branch conference, and Drew Jackson spoke, Alfredo Rodriguez, President Cameron and Beeler (stake president).
Drew (15) spoke on missionary work.  He's going to be a killer missionary!  Alfredo bore his testimony on how the church and this people have helped him and how he's still tempted but he's making it through and staying strong!

Kim LOVED President Cameron's talk on courage.  And he LOVED our musical number.  Who wouldn't?  President Cameron wanted to bring a little bit of the Rome temple groundbreaking into the Branch.   President Monson said that there was a choir there that sang "Spirit of God"  in Italian.  So I learned how to play that song in like 6ish days, and Sister Mondelli sang.  And oh boy can she sing!  The keyboard was one of those new ones where you have to turn it on and stuff and has all the songs already in it, and you can also transpose it and stuff.  So Sister Mondelli had me transpose part of it (ask Dad what that means, I'm not explaining it) and she had me do hard things!  But I'm grateful for it cuz it's helping me grow!  And it was powerful!
The SD card you sent doesn't work.  So you're going to have to send another one, and wait another 6 weeks before I send this one home.  But I'll send pics home via e-mail.  This one is me celebrating my 9 month mark with Busy Bee's soft serve!  Yum!!!!

So district meeting cuz of zone conference tomorrow.  So we had all flippen day!!!  Great!  We only had 2 appts later that night.  So in the morning we decided to tract.  Tracting at 11 am never works.  But I had the feeling to do so, instead of doing stop bys.  Sunday night while planning an area came to mind, so we went there and there was a house that said "No Trespassing" on it.  And so we couldn't go there, and I didn't the first time I went a couple months ago.  But this time there was a guy, James in his last 20s sitting outside.  He came up to talk to us and after 5 minutes just spilled out all these questions, "What am I supposed to do right now? I just want to come back here after the 'rapture' and raise my daughter.  How can I feel that I'm forgiven?  How can we know what is true in a world with so many different religions?"  and so on.  We had an answer for every question but we only answered a few and said we'd come back to teach him on Saturday.  By the time we left, he was so filled with the Spirit and he had changed so much.  He WANTS to change, he wants to do good, but he doesn't know where to start, he doesn't know how.  He's awesome.  And his fiance wants to learn to!  But we were sent there only for him, cuz he's the only person we contacted that day before lunch.  Amazing!
Then that night we went to the Outzens and taught their neighbor, it was really cool, and after teaching him the Plan Of Salvation he wanted to read the Book Of Mormon.  It was really cool!
And yesterday we met Kurtis who had questions about he Plan Of Salvation, so we taught him and if we had been there 3 minutes earlier or 3 minutes later we would have missed him.  God placed him there for us!  It was so cool!  But he lives out of the mission.  Good thing too cuz he’s 22 and might do things for us and not for him or God.  We'll turn him to some elders in Montecellio.  They'll love us!
Okay, I gotta go!  Sorry it's shorter!!  I love you all!  And thanks for the happy birthday wishes!  And I don't care if the packages are late!  I get an awesome birthday present!  Kim and the Cameron's for bday dinner!  Oh she's an awesome cook!  I can't wait!
Love you!
Love, Me
ps. Did you replace the jumping-out-of-the-boat pic?  And I saw a little of my shrine!  I love it!

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