Monday, January 9, 2012

Thank You

Dear Mom:
We stayed in the apartment today til 1 so I would get your letter.  We have a white glove tomorrow so spent all morning cleaning.  I hate cleaning when I'm on a time crunch.  Pday ends at 5 today cuz that's when we go to our members house and they stuff our faces!  Literally, that's what they do.

Sister T from the Sycamore ward came tracting with us the other night.  She was awesome!  We got a potential from it!
A** is so awesome!  We weren't sure if she was going to come to church this week because she started work on Friday and she works nights.  For several weeks we really emphasized how important church was and how she needed to come, even if it was just one hour.  It would help her have a better week, have more energy, etc...all the blessings associated with church.

Well during the week we prayed for her that she'd be able to come, and she was praying too.  We didn't hear from her during the weekend, even though we texted her words of encouragement.  On Sunday we were talking with someone when who do I see walk in?  A**!!!!  I acted like I teenage girl who had seen a friend whom she hadn't seen in years.  I was soooooooooo excited!  She said that she was gonna tell us she was coming but then decided to surprise us :)  Even though she was super tired she came!
We also invited S** to pray about a specific day to be baptized on, Feb 17.  At the beginning of the lesson we asked him why he kept letting us come over and teach him.  He said to hopefully figure out if he was supposed to join this church or not.  Perfect!  Now we just have to get that desire working in him!!!
We went over to visit D** (LA) on Sunday, and we were gonna teach about how the Book of Mormon answers the questions of the soul, but that changed quickly to the importance of coming to church.  She said that next Sunday she would come.  But what was really cool is when we asked her to say the prayer at the end of the lesson she said no.  So my mind turned to D&C 10.  "D**," I said, "Heavenly Father gives us a formula for helping us defeat Satan."  We then read the scripture, and we expounded upon it.  She kinda smiled and when we asked her to pray again she said yes without any hesitation.  It's hardly ever that easy.
As for my companion.  She's super shy, doesn't talk when we're with other people.  She'll talk if talked too.  So I gotta break her of that.  She's not too confident in door approaches, but that's my fault.  I gotta shut up.  She knows her scipts really good, so that's a relief!  She's really good and understanding missionary work and doctrine.  She knows it.  She's super sweet.  It's great.
I was gonna mail Sister Chen a picture.  She gave me some labels with her address in Mandarin on it.  So that'll be easy.  She's on facebook.  Don't ask me her first name though.
Also I will be sending my sd card home next week.  I didn't have time to upload the pics on my thingy.  Sorry.  But the boxes are still coming!
We haven't been in contact with D** for awhile, since I last wrote you.  I'll let you know though.
Well that's all for now!  Don't know what else to say other than my ankle hasn't gotten better and Sister Doll said that this is normal.  I just wish it would get better!
I love you all!  Take Luck!
Love Sister Ostler
Thank You
Last night we stopped by a potential investigator, Cathy.  She does "Children Church" at her church, which is like primary, except there's no real organization.  She does it all by herself, and yesterday there were 26 kids there from 3-11.  She did have one teenage helper there.  She said that she had been doing that for 3 years and she could count on both hands how many people stopped and said "Thank You" to her, and no one had ever helped her clean up after "Children church" was over.
That makes me think. 
We have so many awesome primary workers, so many sunday school, ym/yw, priesthood teachers, and do we say thank you to them often enough?  They put in a lot of work to put together a lesson that will edify us, do we thank them for it?  And do we thank them specifically?  "Thank you so much Sister so and so.  Last week Wilson came home from Primary and shared with us his picture of Nephi obeying God.  We know that it's because of your teaching that helps him be obedient (because he needs all the help he can get.)"  Or, "Thank you so much Brother so and so, for your lesson on Humility.  That's one thing that I've been pondering about lately.  That quote you used by President Monson was really perfect for me.  Where did he say that again, I want to look it up."
Do we thank our ym/yw leaders for all the hours of preparation they put into lessons and mutual?  What about the bishop or his counselors?  Or even the clerk or executive secretary?
Let's extend this.  What about the person at Walmart who rings up your stuff?  Too many people take things for granit, and they are often mean to those who have the peeon jobs like that.  Do we thank them for helping us, or are we too involved in our own lives?  I've found it's so fun to look them in the eye and thank them.  You can even use their names because they have a name tag :)  Try it next time you're somewhere.  Thank the people who are working there.  Look them in the eye so they know that you mean it.
Those are just foods for thoughts :)
And thank you family for all that you do for me.  I only have 25 more minutes left, but I would list the specifics if I could.  I couldn't survive out here in IL if it wasn't for you!
And thank you friends (those that mom forwards this to) for writing me.  I love getting your letters in the mail.  And praying for me too.  It means a lot.
Sister Ostler

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