Wednesday, December 8, 2010

If one more person tells me I'm not a Christian . . . . .

Pics - lucky you!
Exchanges with Sister Ika. Dancing in the rain. Man, it downpoured on us!

Thanksgiving at the Newcomers
To answer your questions:
What do you know about the phone call at Christmas? 
I know nothing.  I will find out tomorrow, and let you know next week.
What was the last package you received from home?
I got a calendar today.  Which was flippin awesome!  I sat and looked and looked at it.  It was soooooooo cool!  Thanks so much!  But the last thing I got was the back roller thing.

How is Sister Chen? 
Sister Chen is better.  She's 100% now, and is getting used to the cold.  I find it interesting that you think she's a slave driver.  Her life is the mission though.  I hardly ever see her take a break.  It kind of pressures me into not taking breaks.  And I mean like breaks at home.  It used to be when we got home I would update the area book, then get ready for bed, then read, or do something to cool my mind down.  But now I update my planner, I make better plans for tomorrow, I get ready for lessons, etc.  I feel I have to keep up with her.  I know I don't, but I feel that way.

Also I know she's so frustrated with me.  A mission is VERY emotional. Like you have to be emotionally stable to come out here, because one appointment you're on top of the world because of the amazing lesson and the Spirit, then after 10 minutes of knocking you're down again because everyone is mean to you.  I'm pretty good at keeping my sad, frustrated, angry emotions in.  The emotions I don't like anyone else to see.  If I cry, I usually wait til I'm at home, at my desk.  Yesterday and today I got so frustrated, and it showed, oh it showed.  I broke down yesterday and then today I got mad.  Not at Sister Chen, but at the situation.  We couldn't get a hold of a member and it was so important that we did.  I don't like being bi-polar like I have been the last couple of days.  It's draining, and I know it's frustrating Sister Chen.

Oh dad, do you know any Houses?  There's a brother House in the Naper 6 ward, and he went to Richland.  He kind of remembers Lee.  Oh, and could I also have a copy of Dad's or Jackson's Priesthood line thingy?  Or is that illegal for me to have that?  And when in the world can I open those green envelopes?  It's killing me.  I got one from Whitney today, and I haven't heard from her since I got out here, and I want to know what's in them!  I also got one from the Neilsons.  So a little explanation would be nice.  Oh, and you're going to have to tell me which packages have to wait 'til Christmas, because I just open them unless they say, "Don't open til..."

So lately I've been so stressed out because we're over the miles.  Each month we get 1110 miles, which means this month we can only go 35 miles per day.  Well almost everyday we've been in the 40s.  I feel since I'm the driver and know the area much better than Sister Chen it's my responsibility to get the miles down.  Luckily tomorrow is Zone conference, and we only have to drive to the stake center, which isn't that far away.  Then tomorrow evening we only have to drive to Lombard.  So we'll probably get to 35 miles.  But yeah, I don't know what to do.

But last night the Spanish sisters called us and invited us to go ice-skating.  We said no because we didn't have the miles to go there.  Well they offered to come get us, so today we went ice skating!!  Most of the zone (minus three elder companionship's) were there.  It was so much fun.  I got pretty good at it too.  The first couple times around I was clinging to the edge.  Then I got good enough to actually FEEl like an ice-skater.  Sister Chen is really sore now.  We skated for 1.5 hours.  I'll probably be sore tomorrow, but it was worth it!

And I'll find out about the phone call.  Also didn't Joseph Smith once say "As God is, man will become, and as man is God once was."  Or something like that.  Where is that?  Cuz we got into a discussion about that this week with someone.  Oh man.  He kept saying we were wrong.  And we kept saying, "If you read the Book of Mormon and come to a knowledge that it is true then you will better understand this principle."  That is so true.  If you have a problem with the Mormon faith then read the BOM, and pray about it.  If it's right then that problem will vanish, if it's wrong then all Mormons everywhere are going to Hell.

I even told that to that man.  I said, "If the BOM is right, then what Joseph Smith said was true.  If it's wrong, then I'm going to Hell."  But whenever we bore our testimony he would skip onto a different subject.  Arguing doesn't work, bearing your testimony does.  They can't say you're wrong.

We've had a couple people tell us that we're not Christians this week.  Oh man, that makes me soooooo mad!  A Christian

Oh, and I'd love to hear what Wilson says during his prayers!  That would be awesome!  And yes, I did get the blessings.  Thanks so much.  I never realized how powerful Dad's was until I read it again.
Time to go, love you lots.  Thanks for your prayers and support!

And I got Marie's and Kortneigh's wedding invits!  Oh man, I wish I could be there!  Those two girls look so pretty, and so happy!  I'm so happy for them!

Love, Sister Ostler

The sky on Thanksgiving.  God loves us!!!!!

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