Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Usually dogs chase missionaries, not the other way around.

Hey Family:
So I just talked to Sister Chen, and I think her family is calling her early in the morning sometime, not sure though.  I'll tell you next week.  But you'll get to talk to me, don't worry.  I kinda wanted to call after 10, before 2.  But I don't know what we have planned for that day.  But I'll let you know.

And that's sad that Tracy left.  I liked her.  But yeah, Arkell will do an awesome job! And Eileen will do an AWESOME job!  She's just awesome all around.  So is Liz working chair three then?  Who's Chair 5?  Amy?  Yeah, I miss the office at times.  I think I'll be better when talking to people when I get back.  Although I might end up asking questions like, "How does religion play a roll in your life?"  "Have you ever thought about where you're going after you die?"  So that might not be a good thing.

Actually I was talking to Sister Ika when we were together for a few days, and she was like, "Sister Ostler, I don't want to date when I get home, I've never been on a date, and I don't know what to do."  So I compared the first date to a first lesson.  Get to know them.  We laughed at that, because on a first lesson you ask people, "How has religion played a roll in your life?"  "What's important to you in this life?" "What church do you belong to?"  "How often to you go to church?"  "Do you think something is missing in your life?"  Yeah, imagine asking those questions on a first date.  But for Sister Ika missionary work is her life.  I'm sad that she's leaving in a week.  But it has to happen :(  I'll see her when I get back though.  Maybe she'll go to BYUI and we'll be roommates!  That would be AWESOME!  We'll stay up and make fun of the elders we served with, or share mission stories.  She's a great story teller.

So it's been COLD!!!!  So cold!  Not colder than Rexburg, but it's the fact that I'm outside ALL DAY LONG!  Last night Sister Chen and I tracted for a good 1 1/2 hours, getting into no doors...well one (I'll tell in a second) and our toes and fingers hurt so bad!  Yeah, everyone was rejecting us, and I started to get really disappointed.  So I pulled out my hymn book and started singing Christmas hymns in between doors.  Sister Chen likes when I sing.  haha!  Oh, and at ZC the sisters in my zone sang.  Including me.  We sang Joy to the World.  It was fun.  And I also had to give a 5 minute talk.  I knew Elder Gates was gonna call on me to give that talk!

Anyways, so yeah, it's been cold.  And yesterday my nice coat got really dirty, so I took it to the cleaners today.  Plus I ripped the lining inside by the armpit while reaching into the back of the car.  I ripped it on both sides, so they're repairing it for me.  It won't be done til Saturday.  I'm gonna have to wear that really big coat that makes me look like a man.  Sister Chen says it makes me look fat, which it does. But hey, it keeps me warm.

So yesterday when we were tracting we stopped a PI (potential investigator) after we were done and she let us in.  We had had no success ALL DAY LONG!  And we started asking questions, getting to know her, and then Sister Chen started to teach the first lesson, so I followed.  We didn't get far cuz we had to go.  But she said, "If we're all Christian, shouldn't we all go to one church?"  And when asked if it made sense to have a prophet on the earth she said yes!  We're not meeting her again til after Christmas, but I think she's gonna be a good investigator.  Shes like your age mom, and REALLY skinny.  I don't think she's had any kids though, and she's single, as far as I know.  But she's nice.

And yesterday, oh man.  So in the middle of the day we were tracting Paddington in Naperville.  That's a long street, and we got to the end of it, and so far like 3 people have opened their door only to turn us away.  Well at the very last door a lady opens the door, and her dog runs out of the house.  And it's running away, and she's freaking out.  She's a grandma.  So I say, "Do you want me to go get it?"  She said yes.  So I hand my bag to Sister Chen and run after it. But it keeps running.  It'll stop and sniff, but then once it sees me walking or running toward it, it runs away.  I tried calling to her, I tried crouching down, but to no avail.  The lady goes after it in the car, but still can't get it.  We ask if there's anything we can do, and she says no.  We feel horrible, and decided that next time we'll bring her cookies or something.  Well we start walking back, when the dog comes up to us.  I stand still in hopes it'll come up to me and I can grab it.  But it goes to Sister Chen who's 5 feet behind me.  Sister Chen HATES dogs.  She's scared of them.  Well I say, "Grab her Sister Chen."  She kinda grabs the dog, and I go over and grab it's collar, and kneel with it on the ground.  I'm petting the thing while Sister Chen goes and gets the lady.  I decide to try to take the thing back to the house, cuz

Oh, and I got the tree, and the popcorn.  I got the dictionary, and everything else you said.  The package from zone conference is not opened yet. And thanks for the ensign.  And when I gave the Hillary weeks CD to Sister Chen she started crying.  In Taiwan no one really gives presents.  So she really liked it.  We listen to it a lot.  Oh, and I don't need a calling card.  We just use our cell phones.

Okay times up!  Love you all!

Oh and about the envelopes.  I haven't opened them yet, but there are some great pictures of me wanting to!  I'll send one with this e-mail!

Love Sister Ostler

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