Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Don't have alot of time...only 5 minutes

We went to Chicago today to the American girl place!  It was awesome, I'll post pictures next week...when I have more time.  I only glanced at your e-mail.  And yeah, I heard about the fire from Sister Heward today. (Note from Delene - if you want to read about the fire that happened to 2 Elders in Amanda's mission, click on the blog "A Marvelous Work and a Wonder" in the right hand column).

We took the metra and then the bus when we got there.  Sister Heward and I were the ones navigating where we should go.  I'm getting pretty good at reading maps, and my sense of direction is getting really good.  I know where we are most of the time.  Sister Chen on the other hand hasn't got a clue 90% of the time.  It's kinda funny.

And that's a cute picture.  It took me about 10 seconds to figure out the lemonade thing.  But I got it!  You must listen to that song a lot!

(Note from Delene-this is the photo Amanda is talking about. We attached it to her email. She loves a song called 'Lemonade' that we listen to constantly. And the pile of plain spaghetti is-well if you know Jackson, it's self explanatory)

We're excited for our baptism this week!  Gabby is so cute!  We're meeting with a new investigator in 30 minutes.  And one with a baptismal date later tonight, Bill.  He's awesome!

Sister Chen and I both think one of us will be leaving next transfer, February 1st or something like that.  It'll be sad, but I have to have change.  Whether it's moving somewhere else or staying with someone new.  That's why I liked the short semesters at BYUI.

Nothing new to tell.  We are teaching a lot in the Wheaton Ward.  Naper 6 is dead.  They haven't had a baptism since last January.  We're working hard in that ward, but nothing.  There are only a few members that are missionary minded in that ward.  And they are awesome.  The others are new families, or just aren't missionary minded.

Okay, time to go!  Love you all
Sister Ostler

PS:  loved the letters and the photos!  And Amber sent me a picture of her baby girl!  Leah Mae Nelson.  She's soooooo cute!
Love you!

The Bently's gave us turkeys for Thanksgiving and I accidentally sat on mine and therefore killed it!

I love Sister Ika!
My own recipe that I made up in 5 seconds.  PB, Nutella, oatmeal & raisins!  Soooo good!

What?  I can't open all these letters?

I'm stylish now!  Don't worry.  I just had to go out to the car to get something.

I'm going to miss her!

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