Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I'm weary and battle worn.

Hola familia!
Wow how I miss you all!  This past week has been so tough!  Your letter humbled me a lot Mom.  Like a lot a lot.  So I revamped and rethought stuff. But don't worry, I'm not down in the dumps during the day.  I'm happy and try to look at the good in life.  I think of our awesome three spanish converts who are so strong in the gospel.  I think of my mom back at home who loves me, and my dad, and my four little bedlumites, and sister ,and Elder Ostler who's prolly having a harder time than I am.  I do have so much good in my life, and I'm ever thankful for the Atonement and for Christ to help me through the rough patches in the road.

But let me tell you, this week I have felt the refiners fire purge me.  And He purged me real good, and is going to continue to purge me.  I won't be surprised if President Doll asks Sister Arce to stay for another transfer.  I would learn a ton.  Patience especially.  I do love her and want the best for her.
So onto the other events of the week...
We had a lesson with Ashley's less active husband last night, Robert.  Ashley is an investigator.  We talked about our covenants we made at baptism, and enduring to the end, and how when we get off that straight and narrow path we have to repent and turn around.  It may not be easy, but it is possible.  It was a powerful lesson, because we had gone in planning on teaching Ashley L3, but when she was sleeping we had to change the lesson to meet Robert's needs.  I could feel the Spirit guiding my words.  It was really awesome, and I could see the Spirit working on him, I could see in his face that he knew he needed to change.  It was amazing!  Near the end of the lesson President Cameron (our branch president) committed him to meeting with him on Sunday to prepare him to receive the Melchizedek priesthood.  He went from saying, "I'll try to make it," to "I'll really try to make it," to "I will be there on Sunday."  So there is still hope here in Rensselaer!  I hope that with Robert starting to come back to church that Ashley will see a difference in him and want the same thing.

Sharron...So on Monday evening we went about 4 miles out of town to tract this little street called Arnot.  The other day when we passed it I wanted to tract it.  It was a random street in the middle of now where, and I like tracting those kind of streets.  So at 7:15ish we went out to tract it.  We found one potential investigator, Amber.  She didn't want us to teach her that night because her husband and some kids wouldn't be there to hear this awesome message on the family!  We assured her that it was fine, and we WANTED to teach her entire family.  So we kept on moseying around trying to get people talkin'.
At around 7:50ish we knocked on house number 410.  I saw oxygen tanks in there so I thought it was gonna be some soaps.  But this lady of about 50 or 60 opens the door, and she wasn't connected to anything.  We said we had a message about Christ and the Plan of Salvation.  She assured us that Christ was in that home and she worshiped Him.  I don't know how we got started, but she eventually told us about when she had open heart surgery and how her heart was out of her body and she was above her body looking down and angles were surrounding her with their wings touching.  (do angles have wings?)  She started crying and I felt that she was a special daughter of God.  We taught her L2 (Plan Of Salvation) on her door step, about how we lived before we came here, how we are sent here to be tested, how Christ knows everything she was feeling.  I never say this, but I said, "Sharron, he has even felt the same guilt you have felt."  She broke down again and said, "You don't know the guilt I have felt, you don't know!..." (she didn't mean it in an accusing way, simply saying that she had a lot of guilt ) then she proceeded to tell us why she felt so much guilt.  I assured her that I did't know what she felt, but the Savior did, and He only knew because of His love for us to suffer for us.  I told her that I was simply a 21 year old girl who knew Christ lived and wanted to share His message.  She then stretched out her arms and proceeded to give me a hug, "You're so young to be out here and teaching the word with so much knowledge!" she sobbed.  Yes, she cried onto my shoulder, and I didn't know whether to laugh or cry!  But that was the time when I taught the lesson so powerfully.  I knew without a doubt that the Spirit was leading me because I didn't stumble over one word, or hesitate.  I was so stinking bold, and I didn't regret it.  It was powerful.  We have a return appointment on Monday with her :)
As for Kim, we can't meet with him for a couple weeks cuz he's busy.  But he still loves us! 
Okay I gotta go!   I love you all and am thankful for your prayers!
Love Sister Ostler

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