Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wonder of Wonder, Miracle of Miracles

Hey Family,
So Mom, to answer your questions.  I don't know how exactly Sister Arce got this calling.  But somehow President Doll found out that she wanted to serve a mission, so her bishop asked her to come out.  She's under the same rules as me.  And yes, I know that was a frog in my hand.  It was really cool.  I think I want a frog when I get home.  They're cool.  And yeah, we've had crazy weather all stinking month long.  Sister Kelly, at dinner yesterday said that in the last days we won't know one season from the next, and that's true.  This month has been spring, summer, fall, and winter.  We got home just before the storm hit.  And I had no idea there were tornado warnings.  Pretty cool.  And I didn't see any hail. I did receive the face stuff.  And I'm excited for next week.  Although as Dad said it'll only get harder.
So it's just hard, but Heavenly Father is really helping me.  He carries me through every day.  He really does.  I just want a friend right now, that's all I want, a friend.  Sister Arce thinks my world is full of daisies and roses and good happy thoughts all the time.  I tried to tell her yesterday that it wasn't, but I don't think she got it.  I have grown so much these past couple weeks.  It's like a growth spurt.  You know how it hurts your body when you grow a lot?  Yeah, that's what it's been like.  It hurts, but in the end I'll be really tall.  :)

But I only have 10 more minutes happy stuff!
A miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We haven't been able to meet with Kim for 2 weeks because he's been super busy.  On Sunday, the Fritz's and President Cameron was like, "You get to call Kim today, huh?"  Well we called him, but his wife said he was busy and he would call me tonight or tomorrow.

Monday morning was hard.  While getting ready I cried.  I told God that this was too hard.  We had gotten 6 new investigators the past week, but it was just so hard!  I couldn't keep doing this.  Well, that morning during companion study he called.  I was so excited to hear from him.  He said, "You wanted to know if you could come visit me one more time?"  That 'one more time' caught me off guard.  Did that mean that he had decided that the church wasn't for him?  I was so scared!  I was so ready for disappointment that whole phone call.  Plus I had complained to God, he was gonna show me that I needed to do things on His time.

Well, Kim said he had watched the first 3 speakers on Sunday morning General Conference and he LOVED President Uchtdorf.  Who wouldn't?  President Cameron was really happy that he had watched that when I told him.  And then he said, "And I have finished the Book of Mormon, and there is nothing in there that contradicts the Bible.  I have made my decision though."  Oh man here it comes, that disappointment, that heart ache.  What was I to tell Sister Clark?  "And I've decided to get baptized in the Mormon church."  He said some other stuff about how he believed that if God had another people that He could appear to them, and that was the point of the BOM, and how he didn't understand how Joseph Smith fit into everything, because the BOM ends in 421 AD, etc...but all I could do was be in shock.  I was in shock.

I cried, I really did.  I was so happy.  My joy was full.  I can't even describe to you what I felt.  I really can't!   It was amazing!  Words can't describe it.  Imagine holding me in your arms for the first time.  Okay, it was 10X more exciting than that.  Because here was a soul I was helping to save.  How long had Sister Clark and I tracted that day?  3 miles and 3 hours?  I didn't even want to go back to visit Kim!  He was going to argue with us!  I was afraid that he would think that this religion was no different than any other religion.  He didn't understand the apostasy, and it seemed his heart wasn't soft enough to understand it.  But it seems that God told him to go forward, even if he didn't understand everything, he needed to do it, and we would be there to explain everything to him.

We're meeting with him on Friday night.  I'm so, so, soooooooo excited!  We're gonna set a date end of May prolly and dunk him!  He still needs to come to church, and pretty much have all the lessons, cuz we've just answered his questions.  And he still doesn't understand repentance.  But this is the highlight of my missino.  I'm going to fit this into my homecoming talk.  I will.  This is amazing.  I'm still on cloud 9.  Yes, this has been a VERY hard transfer, but God rewards us!  He does.  Nothing can bring me down from this.  I just pray every day that Satan doesn't get a hold of him.
Okay, Bowmans here to take us shopping!  Love you all!  Thanks for your prayers and support!

Sister Ostler

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