Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's a long hard life for us.

Dear family,

Wow, I'm beat!  Sister Howell and I work non-stop!  Every night I fall asleep so fast!  And getting up is hard, but I'm used to it.  We just want to have success.  I mean think of it.  We were trained by one of the best missionaries in the mission, which means that we know how to work hard, and we have such a love for this work and the people that we want to go out and work, but at the same time it's just so hard!  Pdays can even be stressful.  Especially when no one else has miles, the washer continues to break, and you're so behind on letters that it's not even funny!  Marie and Devey wrote me this week!  Tell them thank you so much, and I will write I said, I'm behind.
Devey sounded so cute, she talked about making bread, which made me want to make bread...not being on a strict schedule, and just listening to something besides religious music.  I don't know if other missionaries feel this way, but sometimes you do get tired of the same schedule over and over again.  Sister Howell says that she feels that way too...sometimes.  Those times only come once in awhile, like this week.
And thanks mom for your words of encouragement.

So about Ethen.
He's Don's grandson and Don gave him a BOM awhile ago.  When he came up for Don's baptism he also came to church and loved it (he's like 20) and he came to the baptism.  He even met President and Sister Doll.  On the Wednesday following the baptism we went over there for dinner, and we were going to teach him about the BOM, but he seemed to have a pretty good understanding of it all.  So we taught him something else.  But it was one of those times when I didn't really know what to say, how to say it, or what.  So I just opened my mouth, started talking and the Lord filled it with the perfect questions.  He could feel the Spirit, and the two high priests who were there testified as well and in the end Ethen agreed to meet with missionaries in Oklahoma where he's going to school.  But he said that for the past month while reading the BOM (only a little) and talking with his mormon friend and starting to understand what prayer is and how to really pray his life is changing.  We're so excited for him.  Don later told us that he, Ethen thought we were pleasing to look upon, then he clarified and sayd that Ethen said we had an inner beauty that he had never seen in any other girl before.  Hmmm....could it be that we're mormon and have the Spirit with us?  I think so!  So that's Ethens story.
WELCOME HOME JEFF!  That's so exciting that you're home!  I wish you the best at BYUI.  I'll be joining you in the summer...if you stay that long.  Embrace home life like you embraced your mission life.
Our secretaries are senior sisters or missionary old people.  And the APs have their own area that they're in charge of.  So on days when they're not doing other stuff they're working in their own area.  They do get baptisms, just not as much as other areas.  An their area is small.
I don't know how many sisters are going home in October.  Next week the only missionary to leave is Sister Chen :(  She's just awesome!  The only mission will really miss her...especially her three daughters.  There's five missionaries coming in.  3 are english speaking girls, and one from Mexico.  Sister Howell and I both joked that I'm getting the mexican, just because I've already had so many foreign comps.  Well all of Sister Howells' comps have been foreign, except me.  Well Sister Falakala was from Tonga, but she lived in California and Australia for awhile...and lives in California right now.
J was baptized (hence the pics.  Don't you love Brother G’s Elvis suit?  It's so him!)  But since she was stressed out and then got sick and had to go to the hospital to make sure she didn't go into labor she didn't come to church :( but her visiting teacher, Sister Bound has been in contact with her, and we went over to visit briefly last night before heading home.  She's awesome and so excited to be baptized.  She's due October 13.  We love J a lot.

A 9 year old gets baptized this Saturday.  We're really helping his mom out.  She's just awesome...the mom is.
One of the less active families we're working with the T's, well they love us!  We're really working on the basics with them, like family scripture study.  They'll basically keep all the commandments except coming to church, and Sister T even shares the gospel with people at work!  We can tell that they feel the Spirit when we teach them.  We're just doing the basic lessons out of PMG, but it's powerful!
And I think that's it.  I do need to go!  Love you all!
ps. we'll find out about transfers next week...
I forgot to sign it!
Love, Sister Ostler
ps.  Thank you so much grammie and grandpa for the corn!  The best corn I've tasted in a LONG TIME!
Love the first quote!
Someone artistic should do something amazing with it on a computer and then put a cute background to it and send it to me ;)

“We cannot walk as other men, or talk as other men, or do as other men, for we have a different destiny, obligation, and responsibility placed upon us, and we must fit ourselves [to it].” Elder John A. Widstoe

"Since immortality and eternal life constitute the sole purpose of life, all other interests and activities are but incidental thereto" Spencer W. Kimball, The Miracle of Forgiveness

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