Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's More Than A Treat

Go to the temple often too.  I wish I could go.  It's been about 7 months since I've gone and I miss it so much.  J and T dropped us.  And yes, J was baptized!  The pics kinda show it. It was awesome, the ward is so supportive!  We had a super good turn out.

President Evans, the Stake President, even came.  Well he's from Sycamore Ward, but being the stake president he's got a lot to do.  The whole baptism was awesome, and then she was confirmed, and she said she felt different!!!  So exciting!
And then to make matters better Don is on fire.  He's already given us two referrals, and he's baptizing his grandson, Ethen, on the 27th of October!  Sister Howell and I had the opportunity to teach his grandson a few months back when he came for Don's baptism.  He had already been thumbing through the Book of Mormon, and he had noticed a difference in his life when he started to understand the simple truths about prayer.  The Spirit guided that lesson we had with him and we then sent his information to Oklahoma where the elders started teaching him.  Now our recent convert is baptizing him!  Sister Clark told me there is hardly any greater joy on your mission than seeing your recent convert baptize someone.
Yes, I got the package.  I think it got delivered to our mail box, but I can't remember.  Yeah, I'm pretty sure it did cuz I've been getting a lot of mail and I have had no time.  And when I say no time, I mean no time.  I went to bed one night without brushing my teeth.  I was that done in.  I just have way too much to do and I don't want to over burden Sister Wallace with stuff cuz I'm pushing her in lessons.  Like last night I was gonna say something, then just turned to her.  The look that passed over her face briefly told me she was expecting me to talk.  Nope honey, you talk.  I teach too much.
And to tell you the truth she's doing fine.  Every night the area book has to be updated, and she helps me with that.  So that's good.  Last night she said that we should go see a potential.  I wanted to go to Cortland to see D who we haven't seen or heard from in several weeks.  But I followed her.  We went there and O so needs this!  A single mother, kinda lost, want's to get back on track, knows what she has to do, and we're there to encourage her.  It was a really cool experience and miracle!   We are finding quite a few new investigators through our area book.  Former investigators and potentials that others have found.  We just go do the following up.  Beats tracting.
We get fed a lot.  I'm starting to gain weight again...I think.  Well I feel it.  Running 2 miles everyday you'd think I’d lose some weight.  Nope, not gonna happen.  So I'm just trying to be happy now and hope my clothes will fit.
Although by the end of the mission I won't have any left!  They're ripping or just worn out.  NO MOM!!!  DO NOT SEND ME MORE CLOTHES!  I'm just going to fix the ones I have now.  Plus Sister Bingham is a good seamstress.  I'm giving her two of my summer skirts.  Although one is ripped pretty bad.  I have no idea how it happened either.  Oh well!

Thanks for the Mosiah 4 Dad.  We actually left that with O because she wants to know how to raise her kids in the gospel, and I just felt impressed to leave that with her.  I hope it helps.  She wants to come to GC too.  So does J W.  She's awesome!  Hopefully getting baptized on the 3rd of December.
I find that the closer I get to the end, the faster it goes.  I’m not sure I like that.  I’ll be sad to leave, but I might be a little like Jeff, happy to be home and crash.
There really are days that I don't feel like I can go another step, like yesterday morning I just wanted to cry.  I had so much to do and it was -3 minutes 'til comp study and I still didn't know what we were studying.  I didn't prepare anything cuz I had no time.  I didn't know what we would do with 2 hours.  So I prayed so hard that the Lord would help me.  And oh He did.  We had an awesome comp study.  Although the rest of the day was rejection after rejection, except O.
In bball mom, who were you playing?
I'm going on exchanges next week with Sister Jackson.  She is the first missionary out in her family.  Tell her mom that Sister Leahman is an awesome missionary!  Really one of the best.  Sister Ika's daughter.  Sister Leahman works hard, hard, hard!  She's so dedicated, she's such an awesome missionary!
Oh, and I don't know what the doctor gave me.  Some pill.  Don't ask.  So are the boys still practicing piano as well as taking guitar and ukelele lessons?
We're teaching a guy in Shabona right now.  He's got potential.  He accidentally slipped into the regular Sunday school class on Sunday instead of coming to our class.  We had no idea where he went.  We knew he didn't leave cuz Brother Stewart brought him.  By that time I just kinda gave up.  But we found him, and he actually liked the class.  They talked about the holy ghost, which was good for him.  We're going to teach him tomorrow.
Also mom, if I only get one more thing on the mission I would like the RS broadcast on cd.  I’ll get the print edition with the ensign.  And they don't put the broadcast on the conference cds.  Just download them off they should be there (oh that'll be nice too, the conference cds when they come out, and of course my own ensign) see how much I love conference?  Yeah, that broadcast was sooooo amazing!  Remind me to tell you about President Evans talk next week, but I gotta go!
Love you all! 
Love, Sister Ostler

It's More Than A Treat
Guess what's this weekend?  General Conference that's what!  I don't know about you, but I'm super excited.

How blessed we are to have a prophet on this earth today.  Let me illustrate just how blessed we really are.  I want each of you to take out your scriptures.  Got them out?  If you don't, don't read any further til you have them.  Now just take out your bible.  If you have a quad just hold up the bible part.  If there was no Joseph Smith, no Restoration, that is all the word we would have.  THAT'S IT!!!  Nothing else.  We wouldn't understand the proper way to pray, how we can really receive answers to prayers, what's in store for us in the future, how we can prepare.  There are so many people I meet every day who are so lost. The sad thing is, is that they don't realize how lost they really are.

We are so so blessed.  We have EVERYTHING we need to know how to get back to live with God again.  Because of the Restoration, we have the Book of Mormon, and the D&C, and on top of that, all the words the prophets have said.  Elder Holland said this about General Conference:

"I testify that the proceedings of the past two days are yet one more evidence that, as our hymn says, 'Lo, Zion's standard is unfurled'--and surely the dual meaning of the word standard is intentional.  It is not happenstance that one English publicaiton of our general conference messages is in a magazine simply titled the Ensign."

If you want to do something cool, look up the word 'standard' and 'Ensign' in the dictionary.
I hope that each of us will take time out of our busy schedule this week to watch ALL of General Conference.  We truly are blessed to be taught from these men who have knowledge from God and receive revelation for us from Him.  "When we listen to a Prohpets voice, we hear the Savior too."
Love Sister Ostler

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