Thursday, October 20, 2011

Perfect Brightness Of Hope

Dear family,
What a great week!  So much to tell!
Yes mom I did get the right letter this was great.  I also don't care who you send the spiritual thought to...just not the prophet, he'd prolly have me taken out of the mission.  It's prolly all false doctrine, but whatever.  haha!  I did read Leda’s email!  It was great!  I love that girl.  What a gem!  I prolly won't have time to write her.  So many letters, so little time.  I did find out how Brother Outzen died.  I guess a tire exploded on him at work and he died instantly.  So sad, oh so sad!  Harrison at homecoming?  No way!  And he invited someone to church!  Yes!  Go boy!  Who?  I love being a missionary!
So there's some good stories from this week!
And they deny the power of God, the holy one of Israel 2 Nephi 28:5
For some reason Frank was on the potentials list.  So we went over there.  Funniest atheist I have ever met!  Born in Italy, saved by the grace of God countless times, and he doesn't know why and doesn't care to find out.  I was bearing testimony to him and he said, "You can't know that!  That's just a belief."  I laughed and told him that he can't tell me what I know and don't know.  It was a really funny conversation, not arguing at all.  I loved it.  Hard to explain.  Then he said what the most important thing in this life is.  I said, "I really want to align my will with Gods." 
"That's not important!  Health!  Health is the most important thing!"
"No it's not!"  Sister Wallace said that too.
I told the Story of Harrison and his knee and how for 2 stinking years a teenage boy couldn't do what other teenage boys do and he was HAPPY.  He didn't have anything to say to that.  It was a really great conversation.  Nothing really was done, but it was just great!
Ask and ye shall receive 3 Nephi 14:7
We went to visit Ronald on Monday morning.  He wanted a Book Of Mormon.  Before getting out of the car I said, "Heavenly Father, please let us place a Book of Mormon and get a return appt.  Well he wasn't home.  It was a duplex and I decided to knock on the back neighbors door to see if she knew where they were and to contact her.  She accepted the Book Of Mormon and we had a return appts with her!  Cool huh?  The appt feel through, but God still answered that plea.
He that seeketh, findeth 3 Nephi 14:8
B has so much truth!  We had an appt with him at M's (a ysa) on Monday.  He really wants to know what happens after this life, although he has a pretty good understanding of it.  Here it is.
After we die our spirits go somewhere.  A good place, or a bad place.  There is not just a heaven or hell.  There is an in between place because there are spirits on this earth, trapped on this earth.  We will receive a new body one day.
Look at how much truth there is?  So much!  I asked him how he knew this.  "God told me." 
"Well he didn't appear.  It was like a voice, or a feeling...”
"What did it feel like?"
"All warm all over my whole body."
um...that's called the Holy Ghost people!
He's reading the Book Of Mormon right now and praying to know if it's true.  Awesome awesome!
He granteth unto men according to their desire Alma 29:3
Tracted into this lady who knows about the temple.  Mentioned stuff that I won't.  Knows about everything and the "ceremonies" she called it.  She said of it, "It's not for me, I just can't do it, I can't go through all that stuff."  She said that when she gets to heaven she won't be with her husband.  They will have a brother sister relationship.  It hit me when we were talking.  That is exactly what she will have.  And do you know what?  She even told us that she doesn't want to participate in any of the saving ordinances, so she doesn't have to.  But she won't obtain the highest glory.  I told her that and I said, "But I do want to be with my husband forever, so I will be able to be with him."  It was an eye opening experience.  People are happy with Terrestrial Glory, and there is nothing we can do about it.  Sad, so sad.  But what can you do?  Darn agency!
Taught from on High
Amazing zone conference yesterday!  So cool!  Elder Ellis of the seventy came!  Here are some things that I learned.
We have to have faith to see miracles.  It's true, there are miracles happening everyday around us, but are those the miracles when we're just crying out for help and someone comes and saves us, or are they the miracles that we ask the Lord for?  Are they the braking of the bands kind of miracles?  I loved that teaching from Elder Ellis.
I can ask God for great things and He will give them to me according to my faith.
The Lord will comfort us and give the peaceable things of His kingdom.
Let the Holy Spirit Guide
We had an awesome lesson with C.  We didn't know what we’re supposed to teach him.  We had heard some things from the bishop about him that troubled us a little bit, and we weren't sure that he had gained a spiritual witness of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon.  We had an idea of what we might teach him, but no solid lesson plan. We prayed that the Lord would direct us to the things that we were supposed to say.
After asking a few questions we realized that he had not had a witness from the Holy Ghost that the Book of Mormon was the word of God.  So we started to teach him about the Holy Ghost and how it testifies truth to us and what it might feel like, etc.  Well then C went off on this what seemed to be tangent about a not-to-pleasant experience he had earlier that day.  We were then able to teach and testify to him about the comforting role of the Holy Ghost.  The member who was with us then taught him about how the Holy Ghost testifies of Christ.  Before we knew it we had just taught a beautiful lesson on the basic roles of the Holy Ghost.  Wow!  I was amazed!  The Holy Ghost wrote that lesson plan!  And C was even taking notes :)
The Grain of the Mustard seed
J, our Recent Convert, just had her baby last Sunday.  The RS has been amazing with helping.  Giving her meals and encouragement.  Her Visiting Teachers are amazing too.  They are the ones keeping us updated on her instead of the other way around.  We went to visit with her last night and she said that she was going to come to church.  She's amazing!  Not many life-long members would come to church 2 weeks after their baby was born.  J is elect!  She's got so much potential!  And she has a great desire to raise her children in this gospel.
Don's amazingness!
We haven't had any contact with J for over a week.  They moved and then didn't show up for church.  But Don H met with them last night and talked with them about coming to church (which they plan on doing) and about baptism and what not.  If everyone, missionary and member alike, had the fire that he has then the baptisms would triple. Out of the 4 four referrals he's given us, two of them have been golden.  Simply amazing!
Open your mouths and they shall be filled D&C 33:8
We walked into L's home the other day and knew something was up (she's a LA).  Her "adopted" daughter and her fiance were fighting and she was lecturing them.  After she threatened to kill them she turned to us and wanted us to help her.  Um...I've never been married!  But I opened my mouth.
"Well, I’ve never been married, and all my relationships have lasted less then 2 months, but" and here is where the Spirit talked, "I have been with a comp for the past year, and every week we have what's called a comp inventory."  And then I proceeded to tell them that we have to build each other up instead of tearing each other down.  We have to help each other and ask for help.  Relationships take humility and patience.
Yep!  I was a marriage counselor!  It was great!

What We Musts Feel
Let's open the word of God to 1 Nephi 8:12
Lehi just partook of the fruit, and we read what he feels,
"And as I partook of the fruit thereof it filled my soul with exceedingly great joy; wherefore, I began to be desirous that my family should partake of it also; for I knew that it was desirable above all other fruit."
Lehi partook of the fruit, eternal life so to speak, the Atonement, being a member of this church...the only true church.  Then what did he do?  He was desirous that others should partake of the fruit.  Yes, his family, but I think this applies to others as well.  He called out to them, WANTED them to feel the same joy that he did.
Activity time.  Grab a paper and pencil, or pen, whatever.
Make a list of all the blessings you've received from being a member of this church.
An hour later. . . . 
Wouldn't it be selfish to not want to share this great joy with others?  Yeah, pretty much.  
Once we are truly converted we will go out and convert others.  It is my opinion that we are not converted unless we share.

There are countless ways to share.  Home and Visiting Teaching, visiting a less active, helping the missionaries, inviting someone to church (Wilson is truly converted!  Go Wilson!  You'll get some rejection, but the Lord sees and blesses you for your efforts), giving someone a Book of Mormon, bearing testimony, oh so many ways!  And then one day, they'll listen to the missionaries and receive a true testimony in Christ and His church.

Don't let people around you fall into that filthy river of water, or wander off into strange paths because of the mists of darkness, or worse, be so consumed with the pride of this world.  Save them.  There is only one way to be saved and that is through Christ's name, which we take upon ourselves at baptism. 

Love, Sister Ostler

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