Wednesday, December 14, 2011

That testimony was so powerful!

Hi Family:

Don't know how long this will be.
We had an ok week.  Sister Wallace got sick, so we were in for the colder days in the weekend.  It got down to 18 degrees one night when we were tracting.  The next day we stayed in because she couldn't talk.  We only went to appointments, and even then I was the only one teaching.  But it was all good.  She's feeling better now.  She's like me, doesn't like to use her sickness for an excuse not to work.  Sister Chen taught me well!
We had zone conference yesterday.  So awesome!  We got a 0 on our area books though. They grade them.  They told us that we needed to start using our area books.  Ouch.  Especially when EVERYSINGLENIGHT we come home and update them.  Yeah, I almost started to cry.  I was not happy.  The elders were like, "don't take it personally."  Right!  You’re an elder, you don't really care anyways!  You don't spend up to 30 min per night updating these things and looking through them!  And we use them every week too, to find people to teach!
But the rest of zone conference was good.

My Zone
The zone leaders gave this awesome lesson on using the Book of Mormon more often, in lessons, tracting, etc.  Well our first house last night was this guy putting up lights.  We had previously been to that home, but no adult was home.  So we went up to him and started talking.  Soon we got out the Book of Mormon and flipped open to a passage about the Atonement (Alma 7) and expounded upon it.  We asked if he would like to learn more about the Atonement through the Book of Mormon.  He said yes!  The first real yes I've had in a long time!  So we gave him a copy, and he started to ask questions about it.  We told him that it could answer all our questions.  He was then asking hard questions, but we were still able to answer them using passages from the Book of Mormon.  It was so cool to see him standing there reading from that books sacred pages.  He told us that he had heard of the book before, but had never read it, and was definitely going to read it before we came back.
Then at several other doors we also opened the Book of Mormon and read from it's pages.  At one door the lady told us she wasn't interested, but then we opened up the Book of Mormon and read a couple verses from King Benjamin, and she opened up to us.  She still wasn't interested, but we were able to plant a seed.  At another persons house he was pretty much telling us that we were blasphemers because we believed we could become gods someday.  We opened up the Book of Mormon AGAIN and started reading from it.  At one point he asked us what we believed about Christ.  When I bore my testimony I used 1 Nephi 19: 9, and that testimony was so powerful!  It was so much more powerful than just saying, "He's my Lord and Savior."  The guy even felt the Spirit, you could tell.
My testimony of the Book of Mormon was strengthened that night.
We tell people that there is a power that comes to them the minute they begin a serious study of the book.  Well we found out that there's a power that's given to our words when we use the book regularly to teach people the restored gospel.
Don't know if I"ll have much more time to write.
I love you all though!
Thanks for all you do!
Sister Ostler
ps I get to go on exchanges with Sister Howell!  It's opportunity for Sister Wallace to lead!  She'll be with another greenie.  I'm excited for her.  This'll be a great opportunity for her. 
I’ll be here for an hour, and I have news about the call.  Give me a shout!
MOM:  Shout - I’m so glad I’m sitting here right now!  How is it going?
Sister Ostler:  Well, this black guy is talking to me, and I forgot Fred and George so I can’t hear him, and he’s really talking about nonsense.  But Sister Wallace and I were thinking that it might be easiest to do our calls at night, what do you think?  Like night for us.  About 5-8ish.  I don’t know how Jackson’s time works.  What about 7 my time?
Mom:  That is 10pm his time.  I can try to ask him right now.  I can send an email to the mission home, since he's the one who reads all the emails.  If he answers in the next hour, I'll let you know.  6 would definitely be better.  Then it would be 9 in Mendoza.
I had no idea what you were talking about in your email, I totally forgot who fred and george were.  I haven't heard those two names in a long time.  Then it hit me and I busted up.  Are you guys doing something with your district today?
Sister Ostler:  We could possibly do 6.  The only problem is that our dinner appt is 30 min away.  So we would have to leave by 5:30, but they are really flexible, so we would have to get there about 3.  Yeah, I think that'll work.  And Sister Wallace said she's prolly going to call after me.
So am I calling line one or three?  If three, than I need the number.  And you might want to send me lines ones in your letter, cuz right now my phone number is...haha!  Just kidding!  I wouldn't tempt you like that!
But is the number 509---8444
ahhh!  I forgot it! 2488444, is that it?  
MOM:  Can you hear me laughing?  Seriously?  So our phone number is 509-628-8444.  And since you're calling us, call us on that line.  Line 1.  I'm pretty sure we're calling Jackson, so we'll use the other line.  How about 6:30?  And he might be totally fine with 7.  I'm just waiting to hear.  So if I don't hear from him while you're still on the computer, then I'll just give you the final plan next week.  Did you get the box I sent?
Sister Ostler:  So I'm calling you at 6:30?  or 7?
And our phone number really isn't that important.
Oh, I got a hair cut, want to see?  I told Sister Johnson (who says hi) to do whatever, as long as I could put it in a pony tail.  I love it!
Mom:  Of course I want to see it.  Right now.  And it's up to you for the time.  I'm pretty sure Jackson is quite flexible and can probably do 7.  Did you read my email yet?  Laurel Burrup is starting her mission papers.
Sister Ostler:  I haven't had the chance to read it yet.  I only have 25 more min left :( so short main email.  But I included some stuff that I already wrote to president.  But that's cool that she's going on mission!

MOM:  Oh my gosh, you're beautiful.  Brings tears to my eyes to see you, and you look so happy.

Jackson doesn't know about Laurel yet.  I just found out Monday and we don't email him until Saturday.  That's fine if you put stuff you wrote to president.  I love it when you do, all the weekly details about your comings and goings with investigators.
So are you at NIU?  You should walk out to where that big hourglass looking thing is located.  I'll be able to see you on the web cam.  If you're going to do it, tell me.
Love you so much, Mom
Jackson just emailed.  I'm talking to both of you at the same time.  He can skype.  Oh my gosh.  Can you?  Is there anyway you can skype around 6?  He doesn't want to be on past 7 (all the times I give to you are Chicago time). If you can't skype, then let's do the call at 6.  6:30 at the latest.
Sister Ostler:  Well what about 6:30?  I think that'll be good for Sister Wallace too.  Lets say 6:30ish...we might be a little late. Depends on the weather too.
And the box you sent.  So I can't open it?  Does it have exercise stuff in it?  Cuz I really want/need those pilate and p90x books.
I'm not at nui.  And we can do 6.  I can skype, we'd just have to find a place to do it at.  I'm not sure where we can.  I can ask around.  But I don't want to be a burden to the members.  See in Renssy I felt like I was a part of the ward.  Here I feel like a missionary.  It's not bad.  But it's just life.  I’ll be normal soon enough.  But that'll be hard too.  I'll wonder why everyone's not looking at me like I’m a freak, and why they're not avoiding me.  haha!
MOM:  It's the hand warmers.  Yes open it.  But the box that comes in about 2 days, don't open it.  Wrap it.  And 6:30 is great.  You're calling us on 628-8444.  Fantastic.  I'll tell Jackson.  Are you going to walk out by that hour glass looking thing?  Just walk around it a couple of times.
Oh my heck girl, ask some old couple if you can skype at their house, then there won't be too many distractions.  Or skype where you're having dinner.  And we'll do 6PM.  Sounds great.
Sister Ostler: I'm not at NIU!  So I’m not going to go there!  I’ll find out about skype.  Just be at the computer next wednesday so I can let you know.  And 6:30.  Tell that to me in your letter, and also give me the number again.  I’ll prollly forget it!
I don't know if the Pitts have skype.  But I know that some members do, but they have family and stuff.
MOM:  Great - I’ll be here next Wednesday ALL DAY LONG!
Sister Ostler:  I thought you would!  Anything else you wanna know?  I got 1 minute left.
MOM:  Nope - But I do want you to know that we think about you all the time and hope you are doing well.  We love you sooooo much.
Sister Ostler:  And thank you always for your encouraging words.  They really do help me!  I love your letters, and I loved the pictures you sent too!  Pictures are my favorite things EVER!
And tell the McAllisters thank you!  I loved their letters and testimonies.  They were what I needed!

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