Monday, March 19, 2012

The Lord Knows Where To Place Us

Dearest Family,
So we had some awesome experiences this week.
Saturday morning we had planned to tract S 3rd st.  Well that time slot got filled with appts so we couldn't.  So after those appts we were starving, and decided to eat in a park since it was a nice day.  There were a couple people there with their kids.  As I was walking past one guy he stopped me and asked what church we were from.  I told him and we started to talk mostly about what we as missionaries do.  Turns out that a couple years ago he had been meeting with some elders in another part of the mission. He stopped meeting with them because he got so busy in school.  He remembered who Joseph Smith was and a little bit about the Book of Mormon.  I asked if he would like to continue to learn.  And he said yes!  Guess where he lives?  That's right, S 3rd St, the street we were going to tract that morning but couldn't!  The Lord really does know where to place us in order to meet the people that He needs us to meet.
Tuesday I was sick.  Had a fever of 100 all day, couldn't walk in a straight line without getting dizzy, splitting headache, and I couldn't take anything for it.  I felt a lot better in the morning, and Elder Runner and McKay gave me a blessing that morning after district meeting.  I so needed that blessing.  It was proof yet again that His power is on this earth and He's given it to man.  1) I got better very quickly after that (I was still kinda dizzy and nauseous that morning when I would make sudden movements) 2) Elder Runner said things that only God would have told me.  He said EXACTLY what I needed to hear.  

The R**'s are doing well.  She is so excited for her baptism.  We tried to push it back so that we could easily teach everything, but oh no, she would NOT hear of it!  She's getting baptized on the 24th!  So are her daughters!  We got permission from President Doll to go see K**'s play.  It was soooooo cute!  It's called "The Boy Friend"  and it's very clean.  It's set in the 20s in France, and has all these little romance stories going on it.  K** was in the chorus, did so well.
J** is doing well.  She doesn't exactly want to be doing this, but she knows that this is what God wants her to do, so she is doing it.  She's reading much slower, and her questions are less of a "prove this."  But "I'm curious,"  and "I don't understand this."   Also it was so cool, because last sunday in Church Brother Duffin had me share Alma 7 with the gospel principles class about what Christ suffered.  That's one of my favorite scriptures about the Atonement.
Well when we were over at J**'s  this Saturday we taught the POS, and I brought that scripture up forgetting that I had previously used it.  She reminded me and said that that had stuck with her, and that she had been thinking a lot about that.  She was sick at the time (she didn't come to church because of it :(  )  and she said, "Christ even knows what this little cold feels like!"  Wow!  Hardly anyone understands what those verses in the Book of Mormon really mean!  So it was really cool to see she understand that.

So we get a mini-missionary this weekend for about 24 hrs.  That's exciting!  She'll get to go to the baptism.  Don't know where she'll sleep though.  On the couch maybe?  She'll also get to go to J**'s with us and the G**'s.  
Okay, I'll tell you this real quick, cuz I know you really want to know what I'm feeling about going home.  I'm really excited to come home.  I'm getting tired of some aspects of missionary work.  But at the same time I’m going to miss this work.  I'm going to miss being a missionary and doing missionary things, like playing with the Elders, having awesome lessons and miracles, and being an instrument in His work.  But I'm excited to get back on a regular eating schedule, not being with someone 24/7, when I'm ready to go I leave and not having to wait for someone else, hugging boys, and of course seeing my awesome family!  Oh, and drier weather!  Although I'm prolly going to shrivel up like a prune when I get home ;)  Oh, and going to the temple whenever I want!  I haven't been in 13 months!  
But even though I'm excited and sad, I keep working, and I love the work, most of the time.  Sister Fossett and I are really effective teachers and especially finders.  We find pretty easily when we get out there and do it.

So yes, I'm excited to come home, but at the same time sad to leave, but I'm still putting my shoulder to the wheel.  I'm not working any less. Okay, I think that's all.
Oh wait, except that I would really like a date my first weekend back!  And I heard there's a self-proclaimed chick-magnet that lives in the Candy Mountain Ward whom I would love to go on a date with!  Also I'm making Wilson's bday cake.  So have him pick what kind of cake he wants!  

Okay, Love you all!  
Sister Ostler

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  1. @ "I would really like a date my first weekend back!"
    "playing with the Elders"
    "hugging boys"
    "I'm going to have to have some serious boy time...I'll need a date for the weekend I get back."

    You need a cold shower.