Monday, March 5, 2012

Miracles and Bed Making

Well this week was good.  The R** family continues to be awesome!  We were able to have two lessons with them this week.  The first one was at the church before the girls went to New Beginnings.  We taught L3 with For The Strength of Youth, and it went wonderful!  Then on Friday we had another appointment with them.  This turned out to be an awesome appt.  It started with a cancellation of an appointment from another family we have, the G**'s.  But they still came to church yesterday and stayed for all three hours!  Woot!
Well, we were supposed to meet with the G**s directly after the R**s.  We were pretty bummed when they canceled until we found out that the R**s girls had just gotten new beds and had no idea how to put them together.  Well we had some extra time, and it was snowing and cold, and we didn't want to go out tracting.  So help them we did! Good thing we have Sister Fossett who is our handy-woman, and her jeans were in the car!  Miracle!   So since we had some extra time we put together one of their beds right after we taught them.  It was a great chance for us to bond with them.  We weren't just the sister missionaries.  We were their friends.  Role models they could look up to, so if they did have a problem or question about the gospel or what we were teaching they could feel comfortable asking us.  They are so stinking awesome!  Now we just need to get them baptized before I leave!  But if not, then it's okay.  They'll still be my baptism in my heart, even if it's not on paper.  The ward is pretty darn happy that they’re getting baptized too.  The YW are making sure they're including the girls in things as well.
Last district meeting we had glasses day, so this is us in glasses!
About a year ago our district leader, the famous Elder Dearinger, challenged us to see what we could change about ourselves to become better missionaries, and essentially more Christ-like.  Sister Clark, only having a month left, asked if she could really change in a month.  Elder Vicars and Dearinger told her that she could.  That has been at the back of my mind lately.
I have decided to study Charity and try to be more charitable.  So every Monday (since we don't have a lot of lessons on that day anyways) I study one talk on Charity, then based on that talk make a goal for myself of how I can become more charitable.  I know that this will definitely carry on into the months after my mission.  But it's a start!

Pday in Freeport
Don't worry, we're safe from the tornados.  And I'm a pretty good snow driver too, if I do say so myself.
As for my experience with the storms.  Well we went over to a less actives house who had just lost her sister and brother-in-law in a horrible situation.  So while she was telling us how sad she was, Sister Fossett and I sneaked peaks at the TV, which was on the weather channel and it was showing the tornados and stuff.  It was on mute, so we only saw pictures.  But still, yeah, it was horrible!  And no one told us about the snow storm until it hit.  "Oh, by the way, we're supposed to have 2-3 inches of snow today!"  as we're driving up north to Kingston.  Gee thanks!  But like I said I'm an excellent driver!  And our new 2012 Subaru Legacy has all wheel drive.  Oh yeah!  Yeah, we got a new car sometime last at the beginning of the month.  It's red, and so amazing to drive!
Oh yeah, we decided that last Monday our time was better spent in Freeport, which was a long ways away, so we're going to Clair’s today.  And I'm also mailing some boxes home today too!
And I did get a letter from Emilee.  Tell her thank you.  I'll try to write her, but no guarantees.  This week is my last letter-writing week!  Thanks to all who have been writing me, it has meant so much!
Oh, and the lady who gave you the recipe a couple weeks ago from Cafe Rio, said that the boys have like a paper chain for when I come home.  Haha!  I love it!  Can you leave my shrine up for me too?  I want to see it.  And tell the elders that I’m a good Preach-My-Gospel member present!  I'll find a boy to come with us if they need a member present.  And I won't take over the lesson.  I'll be good!
Go Laurel!  I'll so write you!  You'll love your mission!  You will be so awesome too!  And hey, I went to Chicago, but really, I've spent 13 months in the sticks.  And I loved it!  Viva LV!

Thank you so much mom for that helping missionary advice.  I've really been trying to.  Sister Fossett loves helping others too, especially those in our district.  We've had it our goal to help the elders in our district.  On a mission the other missionaries are all we have.  We're all going through similar experiences, so we lean on each other for support. I leaned on Elder Anjeweirden for a month, and so I hope to do the same with someone else.  Sister Fossett is really good at discerning the needs of others then going to them and helping them.  She'll go out of her way to help an elder, or sister.  So yeah, thanks mom for that.  I needed that.

your favoritist daughter on a mission,
Sister Ostler

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