Monday, February 27, 2012

It's Missionary Work, What More Do You Want Me To Tell You?

Hi family:

Wow Elders!  You are so...yeah.  7 hours of church and you like it?  Get out!
We do about 4ish, sometimes more if there are investigators there.  No wait, 5, or more if there are investigators, and we are DEAD.  We get there at 8:20ish for MCM with Sycamore Ward.  Then we go to Sycamore ward for three hours.  This week only the R**s showed up, but I’ll tell you about that later.  Then we come in late for DeKalb sacrament meeting because we have to make sure that L** finds all her kids.  We don't even have time to eat, so even though we're not supposed to we eat trail mix or gold fish in DeKalb sacrament meeting after the sacrament.  But you try doing what we do with no food.  Then usually after DeKalb sacrament meeting we split.  We're usually exhausted by then.

We got to zone meeting 1 hour early (I can’t tell time, what can I say?) and so we went to subway!  What an adventure!
So this week we set a goal of tracting 10 hours and then we would reward ourselves.  We did a pretty good job too!  We got about 9 hours in, but that wasn't for lack of trying.  I have never seen Sister Fossett so gun ho about tracting before.  So we decided that because we worked our hardest that we would reward ourselves.  We even tracted in this tiny town for 1.5 hours in a blizzard, and not one person wanted to talk to us!  It was actually pretty hilarious.
We decided that was just an act of obedience, which paid off.  That night we contacted a referral from the ward (a part member family) and the non-member mom was pretty happy to see us.  They were having a party at the time, but she said she would call us to set up a time when we could come over, and she seemed pretty sincere about it.  Later we had about 15 minutes before dinner and Sister Fossett really wanted to tract like these three houses on a street we had passed.  So we went there and immediately got two PNIs. It felt very rewarding.  So we're going to Clair's today to by some hair stuff!  Yay for girl time!
The R**'s family is doing good.  She really likes church, and yesterday her 14 year old daughter was flirting it up with the teachers after church yesterday.  She's pretty much already a regular Mia-Maid by this point. The Sycamore ward is an awesome fellow-shipping ward! Even the youth.  The girls really like YW, and they're going to come to New Beginnings this week.  Our only problem is that they live pretty far away and so we can't meet with them a lot.  But we'll figure it all out.  We didn't have an appointment with the R**s this week, cuz she was sick then we couldn't get a hold of them.  So when we were up in Genoa this week (that's where the G**'s live too) we stopped by with a little goody bag.  It had candy, a DVD (the Restoration) and Daughters of My Kingdom in it.  She invited us in and then just unloaded on us.  All her problems and everything.  It was exhausting.  But she needed someone to talk to.  She was so thankful we came over and she felt so much better afterwards.  She's excited to get baptized.
The G**'s, though they don't have a date, have seen so many blessings from coming to church and meeting with us.  When we went over this week we taught the Restoration.  After teaching about the First Vision I asked the mom, if she wanted to know if this was true.  She said she already did.  I thought, "Yeah, that's what everyone says."  But then she went on to describe how she had seen blessings in her life from coming to THIS church, and how friendly the ward was and how welcome they felt, and how their children absolutely loved Primary.  And how  her 10 year old was actually praying now, when before he wasn't sure there was a God.  And he read King Benjamin's speech in the children's BOM with his dad and loved it too.  We both have a feeling that they're all going to be baptized though.  We're trying to teach and move at a pace that is not going to overwhelm them.  That's really something I've learned on my mission.  You have to work at their pace, even if it means you're not going to get a baptism til June, or something.
Sister Fossett is so awesome, and this Miracle is attributed to her.
So yesterday we stopped by a PI who we found about two months ago.  We've tried calling her, but she would never return our calls.  So yesterday we stopped by to see if we should even try.  She came out and seemed a little put out we were there.  I was really sad when she said that she didn't want to learn, because I really liked her.  I was planning on just leaving, but Amazing Sister Fossett kept talking with her just about life and gained her trust.  She still wasn't interested, which was really sad, but we left knowing that she at least liked us (which meant she liked the church).
Well at 8:30 that night she called us and asked if we could come over to help her with some stuff around her house.  She has medical issues, so even though she REALLY HATES asking people for help she knew she could trust us.  Sister FossettFossett hadn't taken the time to talk with her than we wouldn't have this opportunity to perhaps share the gospel with her.
Yeah, I didn't read that whole email you sent, just skimmed it.   
And I'm kinda out of time. 
But in response to your letter.  
My interview went good.  He's really seen me grow this past year and a half.  And I really have.

Oh also, I'm going to have to have some serious boy time in about a month.  I'll need a date for the weekend I get back.  I did hear that there is quite the lady's man living in our house (don't worry it's not an elder, that would apostate) who swims and has super high standards (I totally told your homecoming story in RS yesterday!  The sisters loved it!  And were very impressed.)  We could double with mom and dad...just an idea.  
Sister Ostler

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