Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Very Long Tiring Week

Dear family,
So this has been a great week.  We had L and her family come to church, along with the G**'s!  L and her girls stayed for all three hours, and then we talked to the YW president about including the girls in YW.  She actually gave them a personal progress book.  She wants this for her daughters so badly.  We taught her the WOW on Friday.  It'll take awhile for her to accept and live it, but I think she will.  In Sunday School we talked about the spirit world, and she has had experience with that, and she shared her testimony of it.  The spirit filled the room, and it was a great lesson!  She felt a little overwhelmed with everything though, but the subjects were perfect for her.  And the ward is, as always, so friendly.  The G**'s left after sacrament meeting, because she was on call.  But I really hope they stay for primary next week.  The kids will love it!
We didn't email yesterday because this government building was shut down because they were observing Lincoln's birthday.  Then at the library no computers were working.  Wow!  So we just went shopping and went up to Rockford to play with the zone.  We had a fun time.  Sister Leahman is leaving tomorrow :( so we had to say goodbye to her.  We started our missions in Naperville, and we ended in Rockford.  She is an awesome person!

Sister Ostler & Sister Howell
Love that girl
Sister Ostler & Sister Leahman
Tell Emilee I said hi!  I love her and miss her!  Also Danica comes home next week.  Tell her I said hi too!  And I'll write her...soon!
I think Autumn Winds sounds good.  Or a house too.  I don't mind.  Just somewhere other than the dorms or a cardboard box.  I would really like a private room though.  It would help me out a lot.  The classes you're going to sign me up for sound awesome!  You should throw in some martial arts class too! ;)  Yeah, I'll just fix it all up when I get home.

So about transfers.  Oh that was bad!  I about died!  We got this text at 8:50 at night when we were returning from some awesome tracting (two potentials and one other lesson in 45 minutes!) from the APs telling us we would be getting a call about transfers.  I got so scared.  What if I trained my last transfer?  I just didn't want to do it.  All the pressure came back.  I think it might have been similar to giving birth to Benson mom.  You were remembering how painful it was, so that's why dad convinced you to have a needle stuck in your back.  Well in training the only needle is prayer, but sometimes He let's you struggle for a bit and really grow before he sends that numbing medicine coursing through you.
Sister Fossett and I had been getting along great.  We do have our differences, but we are trying to work those out.  We didn't even plan that night.  I was so scared that she was gonna be leaving.  I needed her in more ways than I can ever tell you.  And she didn't want me to leave somewhere else.  The Byron elders texted us and said they had gotten a text that said they WEREN'T moving.  Then 20 minutes later they told us that Elder Lee was leaving (Elder Runner was not too happy).  So we thought that maybe they sent us the wrong text too.  We texted Elder Swenson (yes Jackson, your buddy is AP now.  How awesome is that?) and asked him if we were getting transferred.  He said that they had mixed some of the numbers, so no, we were safe.  Wow!  What a flood of emotions in less than an hour.  We ate a lot of sugar that night and I almost cried a couple times.  We were pretty happy to be staying together though.  There are great things to yet be done in this area.  Although I'm not sure if I’ll see a baptism before I leave.  Kinda sad, but hey, it's what I get,,,yeah....
You know, maybe a house would be good.  But I don't want to live far away from campus.  I want to be able to walk there.  Oh you just decide Mom!  Sorry, but I'm not really feeling in the mood to write to you.  Hmmm...what to say?
We found this investigator, K**.  We were looking for a referral, who's house number didn't exists.  So we tracted.  And we found her.  After introducing ourselves she said, "Okay, come in!"  We had had a very long day, it was 8:30 at night and we were beat.  So we got to know her and taught random stuff, but she invited us back and when we came back she was very interested in prophets.  So we taught her that...well the Restoration, and it was powerful!  I loved it!  We gave her Dad's BOM and she was so touched by that.  We were supposed to go see her today, but she had to take her nephew to the doctors office.  But she did leave us her number!  So we'll get to call her!  Yay!
I love missionary work, and yeah...I do.  It's tiring, but I love it.

We're also really working on unifying our district.  So far so good.  Tomorrow we'll meet the two new elders in our district, Elder Gram and Allen.  Other than that our zone stays pretty much the same.  Kinda weird.
I don't really know what else to tell you.  It's been a long week, a long, very tiring week.  Sister Fossett is scared for me to leave cuz she thinks that the ward loves me so much.  Which they do, and it will be hard for her, but she's so good with members anyways.  She gave a great talk in Sycamore ward too.  Sister Howell doesn't want me to leave either.  I'm gonna miss her a lot. Well nothing really to say, and I’m almost out of time.
Have a great valentines day!  Tell everyone you love them!
Sister Ostler 
ps. Elder Runner can play Soul Sister on his Ukulele, that's mine and Sister Fossetts theme song, except she doesn't know the song..oh well!

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