Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Flight Plans!!

Hey family:

What a week!  Definitely ups and downs.  But Mom, I have about 20-30 dollars, and that's not enough money.  So contact the bank.  And I give you full permission to do whatever you want. . . except steal my money.  But I need money for my bags.  And I also need some way to get a scale, because they don't have one here.  We might end up dragging our luggage across campus and up three flights of stairs to weigh it Tuesday night.  The problem is getting Sister Daley to come with me.  I don't think she'll want to do that, but I have to do it.  And I'm sending some stuff home too.  I didn't like one of the shirts you sent me, so Sister Sorenson is wearing it now.  It looks good on her.  Also another one was cute, but was a bit immodest for a missionary.  But I loved the black and white one.  Although I have to tuck it in or else it makes me look weird.

I saw Sister Hanley after I sent you my last e-mail.  She has class in the same building I do, which is really cool.  Then that night we found out we live 2 doors down from each other.  I love it. We only see each other in passing and maybe talk for about 5 minutes per night.  But I remember one night when I was feeling so inadequate and she happened to be in the bathroom at the same time I was, and we were the only ones in there and she just really helped me out.  So I think it's a real good thing that we're this close in our living quarters.  I think the mission is changing her.  It's definitely changing me.

This past week I've noticed all my stupid little faults, and I hate it.  Like I am so stinking selfish!  Sister Daley went through a hard time, and I was thinking that she was selfish, then when the whole story came out and I realized what exactly she was going through, and what struggles she was having I felt so bad.  Even now it's hard not to get irritated from time to time, but I try so hard to be patient.  A teacher told me just in passing that the MTC comp is probably the hardest to get a long with because you aren't focusing on the investigators, but each other.  Sister Daley has also taught me that I don't know how to find things in the scriptures.  Like if she wants to find a certain scripture but doesn't know where it is, she knows how to look it up really fast.  I know how to look it up really slow.

But in our TRC yesterday, it was so cool!  We had taught this guy last week, and he was humanist,  everything that happened in the bible could be explained by science, and if it couldn't then it didn't happen.  So we taught him the first lesson, and told him read the BOM and pray.  We went back yesterday, and he said he knew the book wasn't false, and that it was all or nothing.  "A 20 yr old boy didn't write this" he said.  So we taught him about he spirit, and then about the plan of salvation.   We had to talk about the spirit world a lot, and temples a little, because he had recently lost his wife.  When we told him that the only way to get to Heaven and live with God was to get baptized, then he said,"I'd rather be in Hell with my wife, then be in heaven alone."  So we then had to teach him about baptisms for the dead.  It was really cool.  He ASKED us if he could come to church, and he said that if he kept feeling the spirit, and had no reason to believe that this church wasn't true he'd get babpstized.  So that was really cool.  Our next TRC is Friday, with a collage age girl.  Sis. Daley HATES teaching girls our age, she loves old people.  So I'm not exactly sure how this lesson will go.

Oh, before I forget, well I did forget my flight plans.  But we report to the travel office at 5 next Tuesday.  And I think our flight leaves at 8:30ish.  So I'll call you in between those times.  Well actually I won't, because oh yeah, I don't have any money.  So could you overnight me a calling card, and also the EFY medley.  We're signing that in sacrament meeting, and if I end up playing the piano I realized I can't use the sheets I copied.  I have to have the music right in front of me.

I also need my diffuser, that thing that hooks onto the blow dryer.  Mine is the round one.  And also if it's possible could you send me your black skirt.  I would love to have that on my travel days.  But if not, then send it to the mission home with the diffuser.  Oh, and also could you print out my setting a part blessing and send it to me?  Because I forgot everything that it said, and I would really like that.  So yeah those last three things you can send to Chicago, but the calling card, debit card(or money) and EFY medley could you PLEASE over night them to me.

Oh, I see E. Vance EVERYWHERE!  I hope that he sings for me today, since it's his pday too.  And yes, our picture is amazing.  I haven't been taking a lot of pictures thought.  And no, Elder Oberg isn't putting his arm around me anymore, but Elder Chinn flirted with me the other day.  I was like "You did not just flirt with me!"  I was supposed to be a person walking a dog, and he came and contacted me.  I said my dog was cute, and he agreed, and then he said, "You know dogs usually resemble their owners."  And Elder Chinn is probably the tallest Chinese guy I've ever met.  He and Elder Thomas, who is black and tall, are I think the same height.  Oh, so I don't think I told you this, but Elder Thomas has these camera's following him around about twice a week, cuz their doing a documentary on 5 different missionaries.  He's one of them, so they've been following him around for about a year.  Yeah, so I'm gonna be on TV.  But not til about two years when he gets back.  It's called 5 Friends, I think.  We told him to keep us updated on it.  So you'll get to see what I've been doing in the two years.

We've still had no GAs here.  And we only have Sunday devo left.  We did have Elder Paul V. Johnson last night, so that was cool.

Oh, and tell Elder Ostler that Elder Nelson is doing great, he's smiling every time I see him.  Elder Vance, is of course Elder Vance.  Just amazing!  Love him.  And Saydi should marry him.  STAY AWAY FROM RMS!  Wait for JV.  Elder Ward is doing good.  He's quiet, and he said that the language is really hard to learn.  But I think he'll get the hang of it soon.  His comp looks interesting.  Um...who else.  OH, Elder Hare.  What an elder!  I've only seen him twice, but he seems to be doing great! 
Oh, Devey wrote me, she's the RP!  Yeah, I was excited to hear that.  She'll do so great!  I think she said she wanted some help as to what to do, but I'll have to read her letter again to make sure.  Yeah, that's a big job, and I honestly almost started crying when I got released from it.  OH man, Loved that calling!  And I think I'll bawl when I get released from this calling.  I love being a missionary, even though it's so hard.

So we've been hearing a lot about how being missionary...being a good missionary is hard work, and you have to work hard to help people come unto Christ.  And also a lot about obedience.  Yeah, obedience is the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 34th, 1299th law of heaven here.  I try to be obedient as I can. 
I don't really know what to say.  Every day is the same.  The food is getting SOOOOOOOO old.  And they serve me like I"m a growing 19 yr old boy!  I'm going to get so fat.  So now for one or two meals I just have a small salad, even though I HATE salad!  And every RM I talk to says that most missionaries gain weight on their mission.  It doesn't help that none of the sisters I'm with like to run.  So I just play volley ball with the Elders, or Pilate's with Sister Sorenson.  That's fun.  I love my teachers though.  They are so amazing, and they teach so differently, and I learn so much.
Okay well talk to you later!!!!
Love you all!
Sister ostler

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