Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sister Ostler enters the MTC

Amanda takes one last look at us - then heads off to begin her mission.
(Look real close at the host.  It's Braden Nelson!)

At 1:05 today we dropped Amanda off at the MTC.  She was nervous but very happy.  Elder Nelson helped out immensely.  It's easier watching her walk away when she's walking with someone that we love.

As we walked through the MTC parking lot, we came across a car with Illinois plates.

Across the street from the MTC.  You are not allowed to cross the street and take photos anymore.  Lots of construction going on.  New procedure is to take your pictures across the street then get back in your car and drive to the drop off point.

The MTC sign has been taken down, permanently.

Goodbye Dad.

See you in 1½ years. We love you Amanda.

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